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Concerts entitled "Listen through the Body"

Pioneer has designed a system for changing sound into vibrations that can be felt by the body, enabling people with hearing difficulties to enjoy the pleasures of music. Invented by the Company’s founder, Nozomu Matsumoto, the concert using the system is an exemplary example of Pioneer’s social contribution and volunteer activities. With the support of volunteering employees and their families, Pioneer has continued to run a series of regular Listen through the Body concerts since 1992.
Pioneer will continue through these concerts to bring the joy of music to an increasingly wider audience.

feels -Feel the body, screening-

The screening is under the sponsorship of Pioneer Corporation and NEXTIDEVOLUTION Ltd, disabled people together with abled people should watch and feel the body of this movie.

Pioneer Symphony Orchestra

Pioneer Symphony Orchestra is an amateur orchestra and the majority of its members are employees of Pioneer. The orchestra engages in activities in accordance with the corporate philosophy, "Move the Heart and Touch the Soul" with delight. The orchestra always aims at concerts where the enthusiasm of the audience is conveyed to the stage and turned into energy for the members of the orchestra and envelops the hall entirely with electricity.

Pioneer Wind Ensemble

Pioneer Wind Ensemble is the band which is consist of Pioneer members, their families and friends.
Our slogan is "Play Music to Enjoy with Everyone from Children to Adults" based on Pioneer group vision of "Move the Heart and Touch the Soul".
Since establishing in 1988, we have continued the activities of community-based in Tokorozawa-city and Kawagoe-city.
We hold Ensemble Concert at Kawagoe Civic Center every summer and Regular concert at Tokorozawa Civic Cutrural Center which is one of the largest concert halls in Saitama prefecture every winter.

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