Hands-on Craft Workshops

Pioneer is active in providing activities for children and others to experience the fun of making things. At the Papercraft Speaker Workshop, children learned about the principles of sound and the structure of speakers, after which they attempted to make an actual speaker using paper. The children experience the pleasure of creating through the joy of hearing sounds from the first speakers they themselves have made.

Promoting music appreciation activities

A workshop for music teachers

In 1967, Nozomu Matsumoto, the founder of Pioneer Corporation, established the Pioneer Society for the Advancement of Musical Appreciation to promote music appreciation as a project to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the company. Since then, the Foundation has been known as the "Onkan" and is now a public interest incorporated foundation" Foundation for the Advancement of Music Appreciation ", conducting research and providing assistance mainly in the area of music appreciation in schools, with the aim of increasing the number of children  with full of emotion who are able to appreciate the joy of music and consequently,enriching society.
Pioneer Corporation supports the activities of the Foundation for the Advancement of Music Appreciation.

Together with Children in Charge of the Future

PBL *1 and PYB *2 (both are production corporations in Brazil) accept social study plant tours from neighboring elementary schools.
Elementary school students of 7 to 10 years old have been invited to the plant to observe production products, learn about the company's policies related to the environment and safety, and think about "eco-activities which we can do" together.
Such activities are performed across the world and in various ways. Also, Pioneer wishes to contribute to the environment together with children in charge of the future through acceptance of plant tours.

Pioneer do Brasil Ltda.

Pioneer Yorkey do Brasil Ltda.

Scene of plant tour in production corporation in Brazil(Fiscal 2014)

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For more information about the Pioneer Forest and other activities, please see Environment | Biodiversity and Social Contributions page.