Global Sounds

With this application, you can listen and
enjoy the various sounds of the earth.
The sounds from all over the world that
Pioneer has carefully selected are plotted on the map.

You can enjoy many photographs in actual places with real sounds
by clicking various points according to Nature, Machinery, Human, and Ambient categories.

If you want to share your sounds with the world,
you can also post your data to Global Sounds using iPhone and Android application.

And if your sound is selected by Pioneer, your sound will be added to the map of Global Sounds.

Enter Global Sounds

Number of Tracks : 3,905

How to enjoy Global Sounds

Listen to the sound

Click the pin on the map to display a pop-up screen and play the sound.

Pop-up screen functions

Sound player

You can play, stop, and control the volume.

This site requires Flash Player to play sound.
Please install the latest Adobe Flash Player.

Information area

The category, title, author name, country, date and time are displayed.

Menu area

You can share sounds and photos with your friends in the following ways.
Mail icon : Email    Facebook icon : Facebook    Twitter icon : Twitter

Refine category

Sounds are divided into four categories (Nature, Machinery, Human, Ambient, Posted). Please enjoy according to your mood. When you press a category button, only the sounds in that category will be displayed.

Search for sounds

Enter a place name to search for sounds.
(Example) Brazil

How to enjoy Global Sounds

It is an application that allows you to listen to various sounds around the world and record and post the sounds you want everyone to hear.
When you come across a sound you like, such as beautiful natural sounds or city sounds, you can record it on the spot, add a comment to one photo and save it on your iPhone. For example, when you are traveling, spending time with your family and friends, you can save important memories as sound and photo life logs.
You can also post and share the sounds you want everyone to hear.
The sound selected by the pioneers will be posted on the Global Sounds map.

Global Sounds
(iPhone app)

Global Sounds
(Android app)

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