What's "Sound Lab."

To touch each person's heart.
A sound entertainment space that takes shape
from the pioneer's embrace.

To touch each person's heart.
This has been Pioneer's dream, ever since creating the first speaker in 1937.
The "Sound Lab" is Pioneer's commitment to sound in a given form.
It is a sound entertainment space for listening, feeling, and expressing.

It can cheer us up and it can soothe us.
It cannot be touched or seen.
It is a mystery, experienced in completely different ways by different listeners.

What will you experience in the depths of sound?
Take your own unique journey around the world of sound.


・Sound Lab. was awarded the Japan Web Grandprix 2008.

・Global Sounds was awarded the Japan Web Grandprix 2010.

・Sound Lab. Facebook was awarded the Japan Web Grandprix 2011.


Soundscape is a concept of “soundscape” proposed by Canadian contemporary music composer Marie Schaefer. This idea became the basis for reconsidering all sounds, such as the sounds of nature, the sounds of towns, the sounds of living things, and music, as well as human involvement.
The sound landscape of the world that you can listen to with "Sound Lab." A quiet room without any sound is not necessarily a comfortable space for people. Sometimes an open cafe facing the street can focus more on reading than a quiet library.
Sound design, which makes good use of environmental sounds that match the life cycle, season, and scene, brings moisture to life. Also, like taking a picture on a trip, a snapshot of the sound landscape that you recorded yourself can be revived as a lively memory.