This section introduces
examples of various collaborations
that utilize Sound Lab.
  • Meeting to listen to the sound of nature

    A field recording workshop was held on March 30, 2019, based on Hachioji's Metropolitan Naganuma Park and the Moon Stage, inviting nature sound artist Joe Okuda. In collaboration with the working group of the Japan Soundscape Association, "Listening to the Sound of Nature," we listened to the sounds of nature while walking through the forest with participants, and received a lecture to actually record. On the lunar stage, I was able to listen to Joe's previous works and hear valuable stories about the techniques and worldview.

    The Soundscape Association of Japan
  • Sound Bum

    A project that began in 1999 and went on a “journey to enjoy sound” around the world. Bum is a word that describes a journey of wandering while searching for something. Many soundscape sound sources recorded during this trip can be heard at Sound Lab. / Sound Archive. There is also a special edition of Sound Bum Myanmar, which was held in 2017.

    Sound Bum in Myanmar
  • Cyberforest

    A research project in which the University of Tokyo is based on the concept of "real nature beyond the Internet" based on live monitoring information from eight locations nationwide. Sound Lab. Has established a portal dedicated to live microphones, with the keyword "Connecting to the Forest Now with Sound".

  • Sound scenery of Fukui hometown

    A site operated by the Fukui Prefecture Safety and Environment Department that introduces various sounds in Fukui Prefecture. Sound Lab. / Global Sounds is an archive of sounds posted, sound landscape story composition contests, workshops, etc., and continues activities to think about the environment through sound. Formulated 50 selections of Fukui Hometown Sound Landscapes in FY2018.

    Fukui Hometown 50 Sound Scenes
    Fukui Hometown Sound Landscape (YouTube)
  • World Listening Day

    Marie Schaefer, the Canadian contemporary music composer who advocated the concept of soundscapes, has a "World Listening Day" on July 18 with a variety of sound events around the world every year. You. Sound Lab. / Global Sounds is recruiting every year on this day for sounds recorded around the world. He also participates in the Tokyo Phonographers Union commemorative event.

    World Listening Day
    Tokyo Phonographers Union
  • Sense of Globe Conference

    An international kick-off meeting held at the University of Tokyo, Kashiwa Campus in June 2016. Under the name of "Sense of Globe", a two-day presentation by a wide range of speakers from various fields. Sound Lab. Participates in a live concert of natural sounds and Japanese instruments selected from Cyberforest's archives.

    Sense of Globe Conference 2016
  • "Travel in Kyushu with sound" JR Kyushu

    Video produced for the presentation of JR Kyushu at the "Kyushu Tourism Material and Product Briefing" held in Tokyo in May 2015. This is a still video composed only of photos and soundscape sound sources, and introduces the spots on the journey between Nagasaki and Kumamoto.

    Travel in Kyushu with Sound (YouTube)
  • A moment in Time and Space

    In October 2014, at the video work exhibition of artist Francis Shingo, held using the media wall of the Nikkei headquarters, a sound work using the sound source of Sound Lab. it was done.

    A moment in Time and Space
  • Cyberforest symposium

    A symposium held at the University of Tokyo, Komaba Campus in March 2014. Research reports on the themes of "the outer edge of cyber forests", "encounter between naturalists and digitalists", and "construction and operation test of an internet forest observation site". At Sound Lab., He participated in the “Sound Archive Application Examples” and “Soundscape × DJ” sessions.

    Cyberforest symposium
  • Forest Research Institute ~

    In 2012 and 2013, Sound Lab. & staff performed a sound recording location titled "Summer Memories". Published on the site of

    Summer memories '12
    -Yamagata prefecture, Mogami district-
    Summer memories '13
    -Shikinejima / Niishima-