Basic Policy

  1. We will understand and faithfully observe the provisions of this Code.
  2. We will respect individuals based on recognition of the fundamental human rights of all people as set forth in the United Nations' "Universal Declaration of Human Rights."
  3. We will not engage in any actions that are likely to dilute, defame, disparage, or otherwise harm the reputation of the Pioneer Group, or that may conflict with the legitimate interests of the Pioneer Group.
  4. We will at all times obey the laws and regulations for each region and country while engaging in our business activities as well as the company rules and policies, and also we will accord appropriate respect for the social and moral practices for the region and countries in which we do business.
  5. We will maintain fair, proper, and transparent relationships with our various stakeholders both inside and outside the Pioneer Group, and we undertake tasks in a good faith and timely manner at all times.
  6. We will make business judgments based on the following guidelines:

    (1) to behave honestly and ethically in a manner consistent with applicable laws and regulations as well as the company rules and policies;
    (2) to ensure the absence of any personal interests or relationships that would conflict with the interests of the company or pose the risk of conflicting with such interests;
    (3) to act within the scope of authority granted by the company;
    (4) to gather as much relevant information as possible to serve as the basis for our business judgments;
    (5) to undertake good-faith investigations to formulate optimal business choices; and
    (6) to exercise reasonable discretion and impartial judgment.

  7. We will remain aware of the laws and the company policies applicable to our work, and participate in available training to deepen our knowledge.
  8. Should we engage in acts that are not in accordance with this Code, we shall promptly correct our actions. Moreover, if we learn of another employee who has engaged in acts that breach the provisions of this Code, we will advise such individual to take corrective action, or report such behavior to the Business Ethics Hotline. And if a reporting system is legislated in any region/country to report such acts, we will follow it.
  9. Each of our officers and managers shall provide opportunities for all individuals of the company under his/her supervision to receive training with regard to applicable laws and regulations as well as the company rules and policies, and have them to implement actual practice of this Code. In addition, all officers and managers shall agree to obey this Code as an example to others.