To Work Energetically with Mutual Respect for Each Other

Respect for Human Rights

We will not discriminate in hiring or employment on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, creed, sex, gender, sexual orientation, social status, disability, age, or the like.

Workplace Diversity

We discourage any actions based on fixed idea of roles in the workplace and seek to achieve mutual understanding so that each individual may fully exercise his or her abilities. We respect a diversity of skills and traits. To promote the continuous growth of the Pioneer Group and of individual abilities, we engage in mutual cooperation and seek to realize diverse and dynamic workplace environment that fosters the autonomy and independence of individuals.

Freedom from Harassment

We respect the traits of others, avoiding actions that unlawfully harass others or violate moral standards based on sex, gender or job duties. At all times, we act with an awareness of how our language or attitudes may be perceived by others. We stand resolutely opposed to acts constituting illegal or immoral harassment that would be disruptive to the workplace.

Respect for Privacy

We do not disclose inside or outside the company any personal information about officers or other individuals employed at the company that was learned at the workplace or in the course of work, without the explicit permission of such individual.

Healthy and Safe Working Environment

We observe applicable laws and regulations concerning industrial safety and health as well as company rules and policies concerning personnel and employment. We strive to improve the workplace environment and work conditions with careful consideration for the safety and both mental and physical health of our employees.

Workplace Information Sharing

We engage in timely reporting, communications and consultation without lapses to ensure smooth communications and proper decision-making in the workplace.

Abolition of Formal Gift-giving

We do not exchange gifts for reasons of courtesy within the company; provided, however, that this does not apply to ceremonial occasions within the scope of social norms.

Political and Religious Activities

We do not engage in political activities, activities related to systems of belief, religious evangelism, or solicitations for personal or group benefit within the company without company permission. We will not use the name of the company or our company title when engaging in such actions outside the company.