To Win Our Customers' Satisfaction and Trust

Safe and High-Quality Products and Services

We continually strive to act in accordance with the wishes and expectations of our customers, providing products and services to satisfy our customers.

  1. We engage in technology development to improve the safety, quality, and usefulness of our products and services. In addition, to provide safe, high-quality products and services, we continually adopt and review procedures to evaluate our products and services and our quality policies.
  2. We develop products and promotional materials while fully considering issues such as resource conservation, energy conservation, recycling, reducing use of materials that impose environmental burdens, and conversion to alternative materials or processes to avoid negative impact on the global environment, in the course of their use and after their disposal. Moreover, in our product development, we respect the intellectual property rights of other parties, including content copyrights.
  3. We maintain transparent, fair, and proper relationships with our customers and we conduct business in accordance with applicable consumer laws.

Fair and Appropriate Information

We observe all applicable laws and regulations regarding the handling of inquiries and repairs of our products and services, as well as the conduct of sales activities (such as advertising, public relations, and sales campaigns). Furthermore, we make no statements or representations contrary to fact concerning the quality, performance, or specifications of our products or services, or that may cause misunderstanding among our customers.

Customer Claims and Requests

We respond to claims from customers in a fair, good faith manner. We share input from customers within the Pioneer Group, whether submitted in the form of claims or requests or otherwise, making use of this information to develop and improve our products and services.

  1. On obtaining information concerning the safety of products or services, we promptly report such information to the Quality Assurance Division of Pioneer Corporation. When deemed appropriate, we promptly examine the causes and implement appropriate responses under the direction of the Director of Pioneer Corporation in charge of quality assurance.
  2. If we believe a potential risk exists with respect to the safety of our products or services, we disclose all relevant information to our customers without delay in an easy-to-understand manner. We also disclose this information to relevant entities in accordance with applicable laws and /or decisions of the Special Committee for Quality Assurance in Pioneer Corporation.

Information Flow from Customers (outline)

Protection of Customer's Personal Information

We observe all applicable laws and regulations involving the collection, control, and use of the personal information of our customers in the course of our business activities. Furthermore, we handle such personal information in accordance with the privacy policy made public by the company, as well as rules specified by the Pioneer Group and the company, to strictly protect the rights and interests of our customers at all times.