Explanation of various procedures

  • Steps for downloading workout data.


    1. Log in to Cyclo-Sphere.  Cyclo-Sphere
    2. The downward arrow icon at the top of the screen is the download icon. Click on it.
    3. A separate window appears displaying the list of downloadable workout data. Place a check in the boxes on the left of listed workout data that you need. Note: You can select a maximum of 50 files in a single download.
    4. Press the download button on the bottom left of the download window, and the download will start.
    5. If the status section in the window indicates "Download started," close the window.
    6. If you wish to download more files, repeat steps 2 to 5 above.
      Note: The download may take a long time depending on the number and size of workouts.
  • Steps for updating firmware

    Firmware versions

    The latest versions of firmware for the Cycle Sports-related products are as follows.

    cycle computers
    Power Meters
    SGY-PM910 Series
    When viewed using ANT+ supported cycle computers from other manufacturers
    When viewed using Pioneer cycle computers
    SGY-PM930 Series
    When viewed using ANT+ supported cycle computers from other manufacturers
    When viewed using Pioneer cycle computers

    Check the firmware or software version of the product you use and make sure that it is updated to the latest version.

    Steps for updating the firmware or software

    Cycle Computers
    MENU →Settings→System→Firmware Update
    MENU →Settings→System→Firmware Update→Wi-Fi
    Power Meters
    SGY-PM910 Series
    Follow the instructions at the following PDF and update using the SGX-CA500.
    Sensor firmware update method using the SGX-CA500(597 KB)
    SGY-PM930 Series
    Connect the Cycle-Sphere Control App to the sensor to update it.
  • Steps for downloading maps and changing maps using a computer.

    Checking and updating maps on the SGX-CA600


    Check the version of the map you are using by selecting

    MENU → Course → Map Download
    For example, the latest version of the map of Japan is Ver. 1.01. "Japan Latest 1.0 GB" is displayed.
    If the map is not the latest version, "Japan Update" is displayed. Update the map.

    Saving maps for the SGX-CA600 on a computer

    It is recommended that users save maps on a computer. That will enable you to replace the map with a map of a different region or reload the map if necessary.

    Steps for saving a map

    Connect the SGX-CA600 to a computer via the accompanying USB cable.
    Map data is stored in the folder below.
    /CA600/Internal storage/Pioneer/Map
    (For example, the file name of the latest map of Japan is asia_japan_1.01.map Copy the map file and save it to the location of your choice on the computer. )

    Steps for replacing or reloading a map

    Connect the SGX-CA600 to a computer using the accompanying USB cable.
    Copy and paste the map file saved in /CA600/Internal storage/Pioneer/Map. 


    Notes As appropriate, also download the maps of regions that you may wish to use in the future.
    The SGX-CA600 has an available storage capacity of around 2 GB. If this capacity is insufficient,
    copy maps to your location of choice on the computer,
    then delete the map file from the SGX-CA600 to increase the available capacity. Then, load the map you need.

    If you initialize the SGX-CA600, the maps will be deleted.