For the excitement that shines
in the advanced, echoes the essence.

Always keep an eye on the advanced and listen to the essence.
Everything is to create the excitement of tomorrow.

That is Pioneer's basic stance on manufacturing.
For a more enjoyable, convenient and comfortable future,
we will continue to provide products and services that are new and have intrinsic value,
using novel ideas and cutting-edge technologies.
Until now and in the future.


We are focusing on research and development for the future
of the car electronics business, and aiming to realize
new value creation at an early stage by actively utilizing
our strengths in optical, sound and signal processing technologies.

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We will create a lifestyle with new expressions and values we have never experienced, with a vision for the future, and thoroughly pursue and express what "things" and "things" should be and what they should be.

Sound Lab.

Sound Lab. Is a sound entertainment space
where you can hear, feel and express sound.
Why do not you feel the taste of the sound through "Sound Lab."

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