3D Map Technology

INCREMENT P, a Pioneer Group company, is a digital map provider offering map databases, car navigation software, enterprise services, location information services, and more. The company’s high-definition 3D maps are also being used in the latest AD/ADAS systems, which herald the coming of next-generation autonomous driving.

Increment P

This video shows safe, reliable autonomous driving guided by INCREMENT P’s high-definition 3D maps.
Watch commentary from project members and view the high-definition map performance.

Safe and Reliable Autonomous Driving Guided
by 3D Map Technologies

Essential Solutions for
Implementing Advanced
Autonomous Driving

An important factor to make use of autonomous driving is ensuring safety. Vehicle control for safety is supported by high-definition 3D maps.

High-definition 3D maps support accurate predictions of impediments in the distance on a driving route which sensors and cameras cannot detect such as curves, intersections and crosswalks. Accurate identification of tollbooths and ETC lane position in advance can support vehicle control decelerate ahead of time and pass through tollbooth lane safely. The digitization of radius of horizontal curve enables smooth deceleration and safe driving at a curve and mitigating the risk of contact with other vehicles.

High-definition 3D mapping solutions have already begun being installing into the latest model of cars. This technology is essential to achieve a higher level of autonomous driving in the near future.

Map Data Based on Real-World
Measurements Generated
by Survey Vehicles

The creation of high-definition 3D maps begins with scanning data by 3D-LiDAR installed in survey vehicles. These scanned data are integrated into a 3D point clouds data which then generates lane center lines, lane markings, road edge, road sign and other objects on the road as our high-definition 3D maps.
INCREMENT P produces high-definition 3D maps that are customized according to the requirements of OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in cooperation with Dynamic Map Platform, a company that is jointly sponsored by several leading Japanese companies in such fields as equipment, surveying, mapping and automobiles.
In order to install high-definition 3D maps into the system of autonomous driving and ADAS, our maps can be optimized in accordance with their use, for example by arranging data to easily handle it.


Introducing INCREMENT P

Learn more about INCREMENT Pʼs, the features of its high-definition 3D maps, and the business areas in which they are predicted to be used.

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