2015Research papers

Development of AppRadioLIVE application

Ryouichi Okabe, Motonori Kawasaki, Yukihiro Fukami, Yasunori Matsuoto, Masahiro Takizawa, Kennosuke Katabe, Masaki Kurihara, Kazushi Tahara, Toshiro Tanikawa


2011, Pioneer released the brand-new head-unit which named AppRadio. This is the solution of smartphone connectivity during driving. All application of smartphone are created to use it in user’s hand. AppRadio provides same environment ( touch operation ) to use application during driving. But, application request same operation to use it in the car. These operation is not satisfy in the car. So, Pioneer developed the new concept application which named “AppRadioLIVE” to provide easy operation and new experience during driving.

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