2014Research papers

Development of Terahertz Imaging Systems

Atsushi Yamaguchi


We developed two types of terahertz (THz) imaging systems. One is the photo-excitation based system using photo conductive antennas as a THz emitter and detector. It is available for 3D imaging by THz time-domain spectroscopy. The other is the system using semiconductor devices called resonant tunneling diodes (RTDs). It can perform 2D imaging and has the advantage of miniaturization and weight reduction of the system. The feasibility of non-destructive imaging was confirmed by applying these systems to various samples. RTD devices were supplied by Rohm Co., Ltd.

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Development of Full-Color Hologram Printer

Yoshihisa Itoh, Makoto Sato, Takehisa Okuyama, Takuya Shiroto


We have developed a compact, full-color printer that uses stereo hologram technology for the creation of Lippmann holograms, offering a realistic three dimensional image with a true feeling of depth. This newly developed hologram printer does not require the complex photographical environment previously required for the creation of Lippmann holograms, which included models to be photographed, vibration dampers and a darkened room, nor does it require any of the high level specialist technology or knowledge in terms of devices, optical system settings or exposure required by the old process, instead allowing anyone to easily create holograms from 3-dimensional shape data such as computer graphics.

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Development of Social Networking Service "The MusicEngine" for hobby musicians

Akira Miyata, Hideyuki Ohkubo, Akira Shimizu, Yasuo Shirosaki, Takayuki Shintaku, Akio Fukushima


We have developed Social Networking Service "The MusicEngine" for people who perform music for fun.Users on "The MusicEngine" can record and share their own musical performances and have communications among users.From a system point of view, "The MusicEngine" consists of client-server architecture. Clients access a server open API, get web contents, and display the contents to users.Through the one year open experiment of "The MusicEngine", we have learned the followings.

  1. The procedure for sound recording must be easy.
  2. Attractive events are important to gather users continuously in the early stages of a service.

Without achievement of above 2 items, self-motivated communications among users never happens. In addition, we have also learned that Waterfall development process does not suit for new services or products.

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"OPARG" activity: Promoting professional long-term archive systems using optical discs to the industrial market.

Fumiko Kikuchi


Based on the fact that usage of digital data has explosively been expanded, it is becoming a big issue how to preserve these huge digital data for a long time. Under this situation, recordable optical discs are expected to be reasonable and reliable archive media for long-term preservation of digital data, especially in the industrial market. To realize a reliable archive system using optical discs for the industrial usage, such as systems adopted in public institutions, it is important to adopt optical drives and discs with high quality and reliability which are compliant with De jure Standard(s). This paper focuses on "OPARG" activities and the high reliable optical archive system based on JIS Z 6017: 2013 "Document management -- Long-term preservation for electronic imaging documents".

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