Pioneer Products Receive Environmental Award

The Environmental Award is an evaluation certification system in which environmental experts and knowledgeable persons conduct examinations and reviews and intended to promote corporate environmental initiatives and develop eco-friendly products.
Our unique environmental technology has been recognized as achieving industry top-class environmental performance and environmental functions, and has received well-known and authoritative environmental awards through strict examinations. Pioneer will create excellent environment-friendly products together with all of its employees.

Awarded Products, Evaluation Content

Low CO2 Kawasaki Brand '13

carrozzeria "Car navigation for EV "AVIC-MRZ007-EV

Power savingLCA

Low-CO2 Kawasaki Brands
We access products, technologies, and services generated in Kawasaki that contribute to reducing CO2 in overall life cycles. We thus contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gasses globally by widely spreading the certified products, technologies, and services.

Main evaluation points

  • A power saving route is recommended before driving by our unique EV-dedicated Eco-Route Search in consideration of EV driving properties that stores electric power by using regenerative braking. CO2 was reduced by approximately 10% in comparison with the route guidance of the car navigation for gasoline vehicles.
  • Eliminates worries of users with regard to battery depletion and contributes to the spread and support for EVs with the Estimated Cruising Area Display, charging spot location and full/empty information guidance.
  • Analyzes environmental loads by Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and calculates evaluation of CO2 reduction effects.
  • Many domestic main EVs are equipped, etc.

Kimura, Car Electronics Strategic Business Planning Division, receiving an award from Fukuda, Mayor of Kawasaki City

Kawasaki Environmental Show Window Award 2012

Power saving of navigation data management

Power saving

Main evaluation points

Operation and management of enormous data necessary for a comfortable car life required multiple data centers and a large amount of electrical power in addition to Smart Loop Information essential to eco-driving.
For this requirement, the latest IT technology has been introduced and servers have been integrated. 6 data centers have been consolidated into one location. As a result, power consumption and CO2 emissions have been reduced by 87.5%.

600 physical servers

33 blade servers

Number of data centers

Annual power consumption

Shirosaka received commendation from a judge.

Low CO2 Kawasaki Brand '12

AV-Receivers SC-LX85

Power savingResource savingEnergy savingLCA

Main evaluation points

While 9ch810W simultaneous output is realized, CO2 has been reduced by approximately 47% in comparison with conventional analog amplifiers by adoption of highly efficient direct energy HD, and low power consumption and downsizing. Managing Executive Officer, Gen Inoshita receives an award from Takao Abe, Mayor of Kawasaki City.

Inoshita, Managing Executive Officer receiving an award
from Abe, Mayor of Kawasaki City

Green IT AWARD 2010/Green Purchasing Award 2010

CYBER Navigation AVIC-VH9990 series

Fuel saving

Main evaluation points

  • Equipped with "Eco-Route Search" for the industry's first showing fuel economy before driving. *At the time of launch, highly accurate fuel consumption estimates by Pioneer's unique "Fuel Consumption Estimation Technology".
  • Response to "Smart Loop Traffic Congestion Information".
  • Mountable to not only recent eco-cars, but also used cars and older model cars.
  • Makes it possible to check eco-friendliness while driving with vibrant graphic indications and sound messages and support eco-driving.

Green Purchasing Award 2009

Demand Bus Navi System

Fuel saving

Main evaluation points

  • Driving to one's home with reliable navigation
  • Use of private cars and taxis eliminated and fuel consumption is reduced by realization of public transportation system that is convenient and understandable to everyone.

Jointly awarded together with Iizuna Town of Nagano Prefecture which introduced the system.

Resource Recycling Technology & System Awards 2009, 2005/
3R Promotion Contributors Awards 2009

Pure Malt Speakers series

Resource savingEnergy saving

Main evaluation points

  • Technology to reuse used casks for aging whisky conventionally used for fuel, as a cabinet.
  • The recycled materials also show excellent properties of sound quality.
  • Continuous manufacturing and sales with the same concept for more than ten years

Eco-Products Awards 2008


Fuel saving

Main evaluation points

  • Share information between drivers and reduce fuel consumption by Pioneer's original "Smart Loop" that provides congestion information in real time.

Energy Conservation Grand Prize 2005

Plasma TV PDP-435SX

Power saving

Resource Recycling Technology & System Awards 2002

DVD Player DVD MINI RAKU (RAKURA) DV-U7 Resource saving

Resource saving