Eco-Friendliness in Cars

The Excellent Eco-Friendly Features of carrozzeria

Pioneer creates products that realize "Eco-Friendliness, Economy, and Enjoyment" and enhance your car-driving experience. In car navigation systems, carrozzeria's original Smart Loop function searches for an eco-friendly route that avoids traffic congestion to reduce fuel consumption and shorten the driving time to your destination. With car AV products, we have downsized each product and reduced power consumption to reduce the load on a car in which the product is installed and contribute to fuel consumption improvements. Products of smaller size and lighter weight also contribute to a reduction in transportation fuel for delivery of products to customers.

Further, all carrozzeria products are provided with substantial AV functions thoroughly focused on realizing high sound quality, high image quality, and advanced functions to make driving even more pleasant. "Environment-friendliness, Economy, and Enjoyment" are thus pursed in carrozzeria. Furthermore, by taking full advantage of Green IT Technology as well, the consolidation of data centers for management and operation of the car navigation data system has been achieved, realizing significant reductions in electrical power consumption.

Search of the route which is good for environment

Route for reducing gasoline consumption reduces CO2 emissions

Gasoline consumption Down

Want to Know about Your Fuel Consumption before Driving!

Downsizing and Power Saving Contribute
to Reducing the Load on the Car

Small size, light weight, and power saving contribute to lessen the load on the car and improve fuel consumption

Mass volume Down Power consumption Down Product transporting fuel Down

Electric Power Necessary for Management
and Operation of Car Navigation Data Reduced

Power consumption of car navigation data centers reduced to 1/6 through integration.

Power consumption Down

Reduce Electric Power at the Data Center!

Eco-Driving to Avoid Traffic Congestion
and Useless Driving

What is a Smart Loop?

General car navigation used only fixed information of car navigation main unit. Pioneer's car navigation system can collect and transmit a large amount of data related to driving. carrozzeria is a large and unique "information network" consisting of "collective knowledge" by networks such as driving experiences of individual persons, various information accumulated by manufacturers and information by third parties.

General car navigation: Fixed information only

carrozzeria: Collective knowledge of smart loop

Broad Range of Road Information!

Smart Loop Traffic Congestion Information pursues multidirectional information collection and optimum data processing. Real time information and additional data collected from CYBER NAVI and RAKU NAVI are also effectively used in addition to VICS information.

VICS generally used as
traffic congestion information
(Example of Choshi City)

Smart Loop Traffic Congestion Information covering roads, approximately 700,000 km (Example of Choshi City)

Have You Experienced Useless Driving While "Searching for"?

You might have had such an experience that when arriving at a parking lot, it was full. Or, you may have driven back and forth because gasoline is sold at a particularly high price at a gas station and you used gasoline wastefully searching for a cheaper price. Smart Loop allows you to know not only the location but also the full/empty information and gasoline price in real time.

Parking lot full/empty information

Information on price at gas station

This information can be obtained from the contents of a communication service.

Reducing Load on Cars Equipped with the Product

Downsizing and power saving

Downsizing and power saving of car AV products reduces the load on cars equipped with it, decreases consumption of gasoline and depletion of battery and contributes to ecology and economy. Furthermore, downsizing reduces product transportation fuel from our plant to customers by ship and truck in addition to reduction of raw part materials.

Enjoy the Latest Eco-Friendly Broad Media

MVH-790 is an AV main unit which allows you to enjoy music from your smartphone and iphone even wirelessly. Mountability onto cars has been improved, and size and weight have been reduced.

The change from MVH-580 to MVH-790 Depth 165 mm to 97 mm Volume 1,469 cubic centimeter to 863 cubic centimeter Reduction of 41%  Mass 700 g to 500 g Reduction of 28%

Full-Scale Audio Products
Also Challenges Environment-Friendliness!

carrozzeriaX high-end power amplifier RS-A09X offers the ultimate high sound quality and its state-of-the-art technology is also eco-friendly.

Main environmental-friendly factors

  • Realizes small size by high density implementation technology
  • Low backup current design
  • Notes are included in the instruction manual, etc., and resources are reduced.

Comfortable and Enjoyable Driving

Eliminates Useless Driving with the Most Current Map

Updating map data using map charge allows you to drive using short-cuts to your destination and drive comfortably at any time with guidance using new roads which were not included at the time of purchase of purchasing the car navigation. It is unnecessary to renew car navigation and contributes to resource reduction.

With old map data...

Taking a road that goes the long way around...

Update map with carrozzeria map charge

Arrive without wasted time!

More Enjoyable Drive

"Air gesture" allows you to operate only by bringing your hand close or swinging without touching the car navigation system. The satisfying AV functions offer comfort and enjoyment with music and video, making your driving time more "fun".

Contributes to Restoration of Disaster-Struck Area

"Passable Roads" are Displayed

The passable roads can be checked by display of VICS information ("passage prohibited (black solid lines)", "smooth traffic (blue solid lines)" along highways, etc.) and smart loop congestion information ("smooth traffic (blue dotted lines)," "congested (orange dotted lines)," etc.).

Only map (road) information is displayed if there are no actual driving records after the occurence of a disaster.

When an actual driving record is generated, the information is displayed in real time and a passable road can be checked.

Certificate of Appreciation for "passable roads" near disaster areas

Car navigation system donated to Yamagata Prefecture for restoration support