Main Businesses

Car Electronics Business

To become a leading company in “Comprehensive Infotainment” creating comfort, excitement, reliability and safety in vehicles using cutting-edge technologies, Pioneer has brought the world's first and the industry's first products that drive new value in the consumer market and OEM businesses. Pioneer is also engaged in initiatives with a keen eye on the autonomous driving society of the future.

Consumer Market Business

In-vehicle hardware (car navigation/car AV/car speakers/event data recorders, etc.)

Pioneer provides a vast lineup of in-vehicle hardware for car entertainment, such as car navigation, car AV and car speakers including products for the Japanese market carrying the Carrozzeria brand.

Information Services

To achieve the future autonomous driving society with safety and reliability, Pioneer develops and provides car navigation, event data recorders and cloud services linking to these products.

■Telematics services

■Smart Loop

A proprietary service that delivers traffic congestion information based on data collected from vehicles to provide a pleasant driving experience.

■Intelligent Pilot

Intelligent Pilot is an advanced driving assist system that provides warnings by integrally predicting accidents and risks from digital map data, probe information, accident location data, weather and personal driving tendencies, etc. This system is adopted as an optional car insurance contract service.

Car solutions

Through the use of car navigation systems and event data recorders, Pioneer provides its unique service for commercial vehicles, Vehicle Assist, that supports advanced operations management such as task management, operational instructions, grasp of dangerous driving, and so on.

OEM Business

Pioneer sells high-quality in-vehicle hardware for automakers such as car navigation, car AV and car speakers. For next-generation vehicles, Pioneer also provides proposals for comfort and safety in vehicles using Pioneer's advanced technologies.

Map Business and Autonomous Driving Field

Going forward, Pioneer continues to develop its location information-based map business to meet the increasing and wide-ranging needs and applications of the future, and develop maps for autonomous driving and sensors that are indispensable for autonomous driving.

Map businesses

Pioneer creates and sells maps for navigation systems, smartphones and PCs, and is expanding our map businesses for wide-ranging applications in the corporate and GIS markets. Pioneer’s also creating maps for autonomous driving that will be indispensable to the autonomous driving society of the future.

3D-LiDAR sensors

Pioneer continues to develop “3D-LiDAR sensors” using its optical technology and Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) to measure distances to objects accurately and capture information on distances and surroundings in real time and in three dimensions. Assuming inclusion in autonomous driving vehicles of level 3 (conditional autonomous driving) or above, Pioneer is aiming to mass-produce these devices in the 2020s.

Data ecosystem

Configuring the map data ecosystem to always provide the latest map

Using peripheral information gathered from general vehicles, Pioneer is engaged in building and commercializing a “data ecosystem” to efficiently maintain, update and operate maps for autonomous driving.