Main Businesses

Car Electronics Business

Pioneer Corporation engages primarily in the car electronics business by using its leading-edge technologies to turn innovative and visionary ideas into industry-leading mobility products and services. Pioneer is also one of the key players in developing and offering diverse solutions for emerging autonomous driving.

Mobility Products

Pioneer leverages its leading-edge technologies, which have created a series of the world’s first and industry-first products, to remain at the forefront in creating and delivering new value in mobility products and contributing to auto safety and comfort on the road.

Consumer Market Business

A broad range of our in-car products—including the Carrozzeria series for the Japanese market, navigation systems, audio/video systems, speakers, and driving recorders—provide greater auto safety and comfort as well as enhanced in-car entertainment experience.

OEM Business

Pioneer supplies high-quality navigation systems, audio/video systems, and speakers to leading automakers around the globe. We also offer solutions developed using our proprietary technologies to create safe and comfortable in-car environment for the next-generation vehicles.

Mobility Services

Leveraging a wealth of probe data and location data we have amassed over the years, Pioneer commercializes information services and provides digital map data for a variety of devices and applications.

Data solutions

Pioneer plays a prominent role in ensuring auto safety on the road by developing and offering cloud services that work with on-board car navigation systems and driving recorders.

■Telematics services

It is a type of advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) that predicts the likelihood of road accidents and pitfalls by analyzing comprehensive information such as digital map data, probe data, points of past accidents, weather conditions, and the driver’s driving behavior, and alerts the driver to a collision risk or an oncoming danger. Some insurance companies offer this system as an option to their customers.

■Car solutions

Our Vehicle Assist service communicates with car navigation systems and driving recorders on board commercial fleets of vehicles and provides sophisticated fleet management, including vehicle tracking and dispatching as well as the monitoring of driver behavior.

Map businesses

Pioneer compiles and sells digital map data for use in car navigation systems, smartphones, and PCs. In addition, we are expanding our map business into commercial and GIS* applications and developing and compiling high-precision digital maps considered essential for emerging autonomous driving

  • *Geographic Information System (GIS): Technology that displays visualized positioning information and enables sophisticated analysis and quick judgment.

Autonomous-Driving Field

Pioneer is striving to become one of the key players in the emerging autonomous-driving field by making the most of the proprietary optical and car-navigation technologies we have accumulated over the years as well as our technical prowess in compiling and updating digital map data.

3D-LiDAR sensors

Left:Three types of sensors to be mass-produced initially
Right:3D-LiDAR sensor scheduled for mass production in 2020

Pioneer has been working on 3D-LiDAR sensors capable of real-time, three-dimensional imaging of the surroundings by determining the exact locations and distances of objects around them, made possible by our proprietary optical and MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) technologies. We intend to start mass-production of these sensors in the autumn of 2020 to be incorporated into level-3 and higher self-driving vehicles. More advanced LiDAR sensors are also in our R&D pipeline.

LiDAR software algorithms

Pioneer has been developing software algorithms for 3D-LiDAR sensors to acquire point cloud data, detect objects, and estimate positions of objects.