Basic Concept on Purchasing and Procuring Activities

Pioneer purchases more attractive goods and service from around the world based on the following basic principles so that we can always provide products and services for our customers according to "Move the Heart and Touch the Soul" that is the philosophy of the Pioneer Group.

Fairness and Justice

Pioneer provides an equal opportunity when selecting our suppliers, and conducts Purchasing and Procuring activities based on a fair assessment by rational judgment of safety, quality, delivery time, price, etc. and on mutual trust.

Protection of Environments

Pioneer conducts Purchasing and Procuring activities in consideration of protection and preservation of the global environment by reduction of environmental hazardous substances and waste, or effective use of resources.

Social Responsibility

Pioneer respects the international principles and conducts Purchasing and Procuring activities in accordance with not only the regulations and laws of the countries and areas where we operate but the social standards and morals.