Environmental Activities

Eco-friendly for houses and towns

Eco-Friendliness of BD Drive for Personal Computers

We are also engaged in downsizing and power saving for the BD/DVD/CD writer for personal computers.



  • Lightest weight in the world at 230 g *1
  • Compact size *2
  • Disk can be removed even when the power is OFF

*1 As portable BD writer
*2 W133× H14.8×D 133 mm



  • Power saving mode is equipped. Power consumption at the time of operation peak is suppressed. Stable operation is maintained even when power supply is decreased.

Eco-Friendliness of Daily Life

Smoothly, Beautifully and Eco-Friendly

Organic EL illumination promoted by Pioneer as new business is expected to be the next-generation illumination. Our organic EL illumination panels have been adopted at many commercial facilities and medical sites. 

Lights suitable for makeup in various scenes are reproduced under the supervision of Noriko Okubo, SHISEIDO top hair & makeup artist.

"Organic EL illumination for makeup" "OLE-B01" exclusive for SHISEIDO

Features of OLE-B01

  • Close to natural light and excellent in chromogenic performance and visibility. A natural color look.
  • The entire surface emits light and illumination friendly to the eyes.
  • Makeup modes of three patterns ("natural light", "office", and "lounge") are equipped according to use scene.
  • Equipped with relaxation modes of 12 patterns which can be changed according to the user's mood.
  • Includes remote control that easily operates modulated light and modulated colors.
  • Slim and simple design
  • Eco-friendly illumination which does not contain environmentally harmful chemicals such as mercury.
  • Energy saving design of low power consumption of 10 W.

Tohoku Pioneer made snow lanterns using organic EL illuminations

Yonezawa Plant (Yamagata Prefecture) of Tohoku Pioneer made snow lanterns using organic EL illuminations for the "Uesugi Lantern Festival." Low-heat-generating and "candle" like warm light filled the site.

Snow lanterns at Uesugi Snow Lantern Festival