News Release:Pioneer Acquires Company-wide Integrated ISO14001 Certification

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October 16, 2007
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Acquires Company-wide Integrated ISO14001 CertificationStrengthening group-wide environmental activities to promote environmental management in a more effective and powerful manner

October 16, 2007, Tokyo, Japan -Pioneer Corporation announced today that the company had acquired its company-wide integrated certification of the ISO 14001 environmental management system (on August 29, 2007). This covers its head office and three domestic plants (Kawasaki plant, Kawagoe plant, and Corporate Research and Development Laboratories).

The Pioneer company-wide environmental management system provides the following main advantages:

  • By implementing the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action) cycle in a broader framework while utilizing each business site's existing environmental management system, it is now possible for the company to promote environmental activities in a more efficient and effective manner and maintain the system's accuracy.
  • Adopting the LIME (Life-cycle Impact assessment Method based on Endpoint modeling)* enables the company to improve objectivity of environmental assessment in various situations.

As the next step forward, Pioneer will take specific actions to acquire a nationwide integrated certification covering the company and its domestic consolidated subsidiaries in Japan, and then a worldwide integrated certification to cover the company and its consolidated subsidiaries around the world. Pioneer will beef up its group-wide environmental activities, thus promoting its environmental management in a more efficient and powerful manner.


* The LIME, which has been developed by Research Center for Life Cycle Assesment in the Japanese national LCA project, is used to evaluate the damage on endpoints such as human health and ecological risk caused by 11 impact categories, including global warming, human toxicity and resource consumption.


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