The Pioneer Group educates all its executives and employees in environmental conservation. Pioneer's educational activities are not restricted to within the company, but extend to families too, and enable the company, employees and their families to act together. The company also presents awards for outstanding contributions to conservation activities.

Internal Environmental Education

The domestic group prepared a textbook for the collective education of employees in order to increase the level of environmental activities throughout the company. Themes in the textbook are changed on a yearly basis to incorporate the latest topics so as to learn while raising the level of interest. Since lecture are now conducted adopting.
In addition, newly-hired employees are educated by incorporating environmental themes in the group training curriculum.

An example of learning text "Basic knowledge of CO2 emissions

Internal Award System

The Pioneer Group has been internally been awarding offices, plants, groups, or individuals around the world that have contributed to environmental protection activities with the Pioneer Environmental Contribution Award and has been awarding patents judged to be contributions to environmental protection with the Environmental Patent Award.

Highest award Towada Pioneer Corporation

Award for Good Activity

(Left-hand side) Pioneer Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
(Right-hand side) Pioneer Automotive Technologies, Inc.