Together with Stakeholders

Value Environmental Communication

Pioneer has established reliable relationships by transmitting business activities and information about its products related to the environment in a timely manner and holds dialogues with stakeholders. Furthermore, Pioneer has developed environmental activities based on regions around the world so as to contribute to a better global environment. Pioneer values environmental communication with stakeholders.

Environmental communication with stakeholders

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Report of Pioneer Group Environmental Data

"Pioneer Group Environmental Data" is summarized in electronic data (pdf) files and published with a desire to transmit environmental activities of the Pioneer Group.

Reports are prepared with reference to the guidelines on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and "Environmental Reporting Guidelines 2012" of the Ministry of the Environment.

Answers to Your Inquiries

We receive many inquiries about our environmental activities. Pioneer takes each inquiry seriously and answers sincerely and promptly and consults on customer opinions.

Main inquiries

We have received inquiries from customers about inclusion and use of environmental load substances in products, from government and local authorities related to global warming prevention, and from industry groups related to overseas laws and regulations related to energy savings and chemical substances.

Number of inquiries

We received 212 inquiries in infiscal 2018.