Resource Recycling of Products

Initiatives on Design and Parts Purchasing Stage

We promote initiatives in view of lifecycle in consideration of resource recycling.

Select Easily Recyclable Materials

At the parts purchasing stage, we select materials that enable reducing the number of types of plastic materials used, not adhering to different types of plastic materials, not attaching resin film to packaging boxes, and promoting use of recycled materials. Materials that are easily collected, classified and disassembled are selected.

Resource recycling Manufacturing eco- products Customer use Disposal Disposal Treatment (Recycle) Consider collection, classification, and disassembling

Conduct Product Assessment

Product assessment is conducted for the following items at the design stage and the target values are set for each item. Product development is promoted with focus on resource recycling.

  1. Less weight, less volume
  2. Recycling of resources, use of recycled parts
  3. Increase in resource recyclability
  4. Ease in manual disassembly and classification
  5. Packaging
  6. Environmental preservation properties

Initiative for Reduction of Emissions
from Packaging Materials

Transition of Usage of Packaging Materials

Packaging materials of approximately 8,400 tones were used (in fiscal 2013). In order to reduce emissions from packaging materials, we proactively employ resource saving, downsizing and low environmental load materials.

Example of Reduction in Packaging Volume

Significant downsizing of products is realized by high density mounting of circuit designs and improvement in digital amplifiers. Accordingly, the sizes of packaging boxes have also been reduced.

Conventional Model: PRS-D8200

Current Model: PRS-D700

Reduction of Packaging Materials

CO2 Reduction in Transport