Super Advanced Eco-Model

Example of Environment-Friendly Product Certification

Concept of environment-friendly products

Car power amplifier GM-D1400


Mounting a high-performance Class D amplifier circuit, and the like pursuit of optimum pattern design, realize significant size and weight reduction, conventional products due the reduction of current consumption by the high efficiency of the signal processing* compared to the entire life cycle Reduced CO2 emissions by 125kg-CO2 / unit.

Our product GM-D6400

Product CO2 emissions (kg-CO2 / unit)

Cyber Navigation AVIC-VH99/ZH99 series

Future beyond imagination will come

Ultimate in Intuitive Guidance Navigation that projects Augmented Reality (AR) information in front of the front window. High-end car navigation includes further evolved various eco-driving support functions. Cyber navigation AVIC-VH99/ZH99 series

Realizes eco-driving that helps to eliminate taking the wrong way

Eco-Route Search* projects ongoing direction forward of the driver's sight and guides along the lowest fuel consumption route. This avoids useless driving such as turning back and going in a roundabout manner because of taking a wrong turn.

Reduce fuel by approximately 20%

Proper inter-vehicular distance eliminates traffic congestion and also improves safety.

The AR Scouter Mode function displays the recommended inter-vehicular distance and supports easing of traffic congestion, and also contributes to improvements in fuel consumption.

Car Power Amplifier PRS-D700

Realizes high power, high sound quality and CO2 reductions

Highly efficient Class D amplifier (max. output 250W×2) has realized significant downsizing and reduced power consumption. This has achieved significant effects related to the environment such as CO2 reductions when an equipped vehicle is driven and products are transported in addition to increased mounting capability.

Previous product PRS-D8200

Current product PRS-D700

Main unit volume Reduction of 63%!

Main unit mass (kg)

Reduction of 56%!

Average consumption current (A)

Reduction of 15%!

CO2 emissions reduction by equipped car
(Per 1 product, used 6 Years)

Reduction of 33%

CO2 emissions reduction during product transportation
(Per product)

Reduction of 52%