Environmental Activities

Initiatives in Product Development

Solutions to Environmental Issues by Technological Products

Pioneer considers its environmental contribution to be the delivery of products that offer an "ecological and enriched life."
We are engaged in product development to address and solve the issues related to "prevention of global warming", "resource recycling", and "management of chemical substances contained in products" with our environmental technologies.

Issues and Initiatives

Prevention of Global Warming
Recycling of resources
Management of Chemical Substances Contained in Products

Product Lifecycle Point of View

We perform Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) in order to reduce the environmental impact on the lifecycles of products from mining of raw materials to production/distribution of products, and use/disposal by customers. Influence on product lifecycles at each stage is visualized to promote improvements in the environmental performance of products, and the analyzed data that is disclosed on our website.

Flow of Product Assessment from the Lifecycle Viewpoint

Flow of Product Assessment from the Lifecycle Viewpoint

Flow of Product Assessment from the Lifecycle Viewpoint

Improve Environmental Performance

Materials composing of parts, amounts used, and electronic parts are selected at the product design stage. In addition, electrical performance such as power consumption is determined at this stage. We conduct product assessments at this important stage to determine the environment performance to realize effective environmental consideration and ensure compliance with environmental laws around the world.

Evaluation for environmental consideration Products

Achievement status is confirmed based on the evaluation system for environmental consideration products at the completion of design. Products are certified as Super Advanced Eco-Model, Advanced Eco-Model or Eco-Model at the time of release.
An award is given to the Development Department of the certified model and this system is also fully used for the purpose of promoting communication such as publication within the company and application for environmental awards.

Evaluation system for environmental consideration products

Evaluation system for environmental consideration products

  • Super Advanced Eco-Model

    Products with outstanding environmental
    Products with industry-leading environmental performance or products incorporating Pioneer's original environmental technologies

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  • Advanced Eco-Model

    Products with superior environmental performance
    Products with environmental performance of a certain level, such as products exceeding in environmental performance over previous products, or products surpassing the environmental performance of competitor products.

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  • Eco-Model

    Products that exhibit basic environmental performance