News Release:Pioneer Introduces New AIR NAVI Portable Car Navigation System with Communications Module Support in Japan

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May 9, 2008
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Introduces New AIR NAVI Portable Car Navigation System with Communications Module Support in JapanOffering the use of comprehensive communications services as well as PND functions



May 9, 2008, Tokyo, Japan - Pioneer Corporation announced today the Air Navi AVIC-T10, a portable car navigation system that supports communications modules and provides drivers with new communications services for the Japanese market.

As well as its unparalleled performance as a portable car navigation device, the AVIC-T10 is a handy information terminal that can connect to dedicated communications modules to take advantage of comprehensive communications services:
- Pioneer's proprietary real-time content, such as "Smart Loop traffic congestion information" that has been popular among users of Cyber Navi and HDD Raku Navi car navigation systems.
- Dedicated "Naviportal Services" (provided by Naviportal Corporation*1), allowing users access to a variety of driving information via PCs, mobile phones, and car navigation systems.
Destinations and routes can be preset on the PC or mobile phone site. In addition, the Car Navi Site, the world's first*2 website dedicated to car navigation, helps users find information about local events, weather, etc. both prior to and during their drive.

The release of the new Air Navi AVIC-T10, which is clearly distinguished from conventional PNDs (Personal Navigation Devices), will boost potential demand for car navigation systems through more affordable communications fees and a wealth of content provided by communications services, as well as promising to further expand the telematics market.

Pioneer plans to launch the new Air Navi AVIC-T10 in early June, 2008 with no retail price suggested.

Main features:

§ Communications-module support capable of obtaining a variety of information anywhere, anytime

The following services are available when a dedicated communications module is used with the AVIC-T10*3:

a ) Real-time content provided by Pioneer

"Smart Loop Traffic Congestion Information": Traffic congestion information that is highly regarded by Cyber Navi and Raku Navi users.
"Parking Space Availability Information": Enables users to check nearby parking space availability on a map. When a route is set, information on parking space availability 5 minutes prior to arrival is also provided automatically.
"Gasoline Price Information": Displays information on the latest gasoline prices at nearby gas stations.
"Pinpoint Weather Report": Weather information at destination is automatically provided once a route is set. Weather conditions are indicated by map icons and by voice guidance that gives weather conditions around the time of arrival at destination.

b ) "Naviportal Services" provided by Naviportal Corporation*1

  1. Destination and Route saved in dedicated server "Navi Folder"
    Naviportal's PC and mobile phone sites provide a search function for destinations and routes. Once a destination or route is saved as a "Saved Spot" or "Saved Route" in the "Navi Folder" on a dedicated server, it can be accessed at any time from the AVIC-T10. The "Saved Spot" or "Saved Route" can also be downloaded automatically as soon as the car navigation system is activated, enabling users to set destinations in advance from a PC or mobile phone.
  2. Vicinity recommended information
    Information on new stores, etc. that is not available on conventional car navigation systems is automatically distributed to users according to their individual tastes based on activity history and other data. Such information can be displayed as map icons.
  3. "Car Navi site," the world's first website*2 dedicated to car navigation
    "Local Event Information": Searches for information on local events in Japan.
    "TV Spotlights!": Searches for places introduced on TV programs.
    "Topics": Displays the latest news as well as information from the Naviportal.
    "Weather Report": Displays weather forecasts including precipitation data, and local temperatures
  4. "Rendezvous Service"
    An e-mail request from the persons who are planning to meet can be saved as "Rendezvous Spot" data in the "Navi Folder," and the driver can download that data to the AVIC-T10 and set the meeting point as the destination.

§§ Basic car navigation functions in a simple, stylish body

  • 5.8-inch WVGA monitor and a wealth of audiovisual functions including one-segment terrestrial digital TV tuner.
  • 4GB Flash Memory
  • Built-in GPS receiver, GPS antenna, gyro sensor, and G sensor capable of high-precision car location display
  • Built-in Bluetooth® module for cell phone hands-free operation
  • In-car cigarette lighter socket for power source and detachable function for easy portability


*1: Naviportal Corporation is a joint venture of Softbank Telecom Corporation, Pioneer Corporation, and Increment P Corporation for R&D and providing the telematics services.
*2: According to Pioneer survey, as of May 9, 2008.
*3: Requires communications service contract with Pioneer Mobile Networks Corporation following purchase of the AVIC-T10.

* The Bluetooth word mark and logo are registered trademarks and are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

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