News Release:Pioneer Introduces Three New HDD-based CYBER NAVI Car Navigation Systems in Japan

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May 9, 2008
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Introduces Three New HDD-based CYBER NAVI Car Navigation Systems in JapanOffering enhanced information services together with further advances in Pioneer Smart Loop concept







May 9, 2008, Tokyo, Japan - Pioneer Corporation announced today its renewed lineup of the HDD-based CYBER NAVI car navigation systems. The new lineup consists of three models: The AVIC-VH9000 is a 1-DIN+1-DIN DSP-control AV navigation auto server with built-in 7-inch wide VGA touch-screen monitor. The AVIC-ZH9000 is a 2-DIN DSP-control AV navigation auto server with a built-in 7-inch wide VGA touch-screen monitor. The AVIC-H9000 is a 1-DIN navigation system (without a monitor). In addition, the former 2 models are also equipped with built-in terrestrial digital TV tuners. These three models will be available in late May, 2008 for suggested retail prices of 378,000 yen, 357,000 yen, and 189,000 yen (including tax), respectively.

As well as incorporating further advances in Pioneer Smart Loop concept, the new Cyber Navi car navigation systems provide the enhanced information services for users:

1 ) Latest-data upgrade service via download provided free for 3 years*1
This includes the latest POI (places of interest) data, "Parking Lot Entrance Information" and "Parking Lot Congestion Forecast" for door-to-door route search, and other map data covering new roads to be opened within 6 months of the most recent data update.

2 ) "Smart Loop Drive Report" (Web-based service) for the driver's review on safe and eco-friendly driving based on the data from the "Accumulative Probe."

3 ) Flat-rate data communications service (using a dedicated communications module) to obtain "Smart Loop traffic congestion information" without worrying about communications charges.

In addition, the three new Cyber Navi models offer innovative navigation capabilities such as the industry-first*2 "Route search with estimated fuel cost data," and "Parking Lot Congestion Forecast," and "Multi Search," a function that simplifies searches for desired facilities. The AVIC-VH9000 and AVIC-ZH9000 also offer more advanced audiovisual capabilities such as "Video Server Function" that can convert MPEG4 and other video files into DivX® format to store them as audiovisual sources into the brain unit of the car navigation systems, and "Time Shift Function" to allow users to go back to view one-segment terrestrial TV programs for ten minutes.

In 2006, Pioneer put forward its Smart Loop Concept*1 for the Cyber Navi car navigation series, and proposed the Accumulative Probe*2 utilizing home networks as the first embodiment of this concept. In 2007, the company launched also its "Smart Loop Dot Log," a free blog creating service that allows participants to efficiently share word-of-mouth information and their driving experiences, and realized the" Real-time Probe," as another embodiment of the Smart Loop Concept, to share real-time driving information among the Smart Loop participants.

By further promoting the "Smart Loop" way of sharing knowledge, Pioneer continues to propose advanced driving experiences to the Cyber Navi users.

More Features

1 ) "Solid City Guide Mode," guiding drivers through realistically rendered intersections throughout the country

Intersection guides for general roads are now displayed using solid (3D) city data in addition to the existing Solid City Maps of urban expressways. The realistic renderings of buildings in the area make it easy for drivers to make the right turns at intersections.

2 ) Built-in high-performance terrestrial digital TV tuner (only for the AVIC-VH9000 and AVIC-ZH9000)

A built-in 4-tuner, 4-antennna terrestrial digital TV tuner features high tuning sensitivity and high picture quality. The "Auto Broadcast Station Search" automatically selects another station in the same network whenever the car moves out of the viewing area of the current station.


*1: To qualify for the free service for downloading updated data, the customer must satisfy the following four conditions:
  1. One of the new Cyber Navi models must be purchased. When the AVIC-H9000 is purchased, the AVH-P900DVA or AVX-P90DV must be purchased simultaneously.
  2. The customer must be registered.
  3. The customer must provide the Smart Loop Accumulative probe.
  4. The dedicated link software, "Navi Studio (for Cyber Navi)," must be installed in the customer's PC (running Windows 2000, XP, or Vista).
*2: According to Pioneer survey, as of May 9, 2008.

* DivX and related logos are the registered trademarks of DivX Network, Inc.

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