News Release:Pioneer Introduces Its First DVD-based Car Navigation System For Chinese Consumer Market

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February 22, 2006
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Introduces Its First DVD-based Car Navigation System For Chinese Consumer MarketPioneer Navigation System Enhances Driving Experience in China



February 22, 2006, Tokyo, Japan - Pioneer Corporation announced today its AVIC-D8000 DVD-ROM based car navigation system, merging high-quality navigation and entertainment functions in a double DIN chassis, which will mark Pioneer's first consumer-market navigation system in China.

Pioneer launched the world's first GPS car navigation system designed for consumer markets in Japan in June 1990, followed by the European and North American consumer markets in 1999. This entry into the Chinese consumer market represents an additional step in Pioneer's efforts to further expand the global market for car navigation systems.

In China, which in recent years has been developing rapidly as a society dependent on automobiles, the number of new registrations for commercial and private vehicles surpassed 5 million in 2004. In 2006, the number of new vehicles being registered is expected to expand to 6.5 million, surpassing the figures in Japan, and in 2014, the number is forecast to exceed 10 million*1. With the increase in number of private-vehicle owners and the expansion of their driving lifestyle, the demand for navigation systems in China is growing stronger.

The Pioneer AVIC-D8000 will be available in China in March 2006 for a reference price of 19,800 yuan including tax.

*1 According to the survey done by IRC Co., Ltd.

Main features:

1)  Screen Display, Voice Guidance, and Touch Screen to support a wide range of users
  • All menu screens are displayed in simplified Chinese.
  • Mandarin or Cantonese can be selected for the voice guidance.
  • Touch Screen facilitates easy operation even by beginners.
2)  Map data includes 4 municipalities (Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Chongqing), 20 provinces (e.g. Fujian, Canton, and Sichuan), and 2 autonomous regions (Neimenggu and Guangxi).

3 ) Various entertainment functions

  • Memory CD compresses and holds up to 480 minutes of music CDs.
  • Vehicle Dynamics Mode graphically displays your vehicle's performance on screen including acceleration and the incline or decline of the vehicle.
  • With a rear monitor (separately sold) connected, rear-seat passengers can enjoy DVD videos.

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