News Release:Pioneer Introduces Five New HDD-based CYBER NAVI Car Navigation Systems in Japan

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May 10, 2006
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Introduces Five New HDD-based CYBER NAVI Car Navigation Systems in JapanFurther enhanced Agent functions support music distribution services and terrestrial digital broadcasts and offer newly-developed Accumulative Probe.



May 10, 2006, Tokyo, Japan - Pioneer Corporation announced today its renewed lineup of the HDD-based CYBER NAVI car navigation series. The new lineup consists of five models: the AVIC-VH009MD, AVIC-VH009, AVIC-ZH009, AVIC-XH009, and AVIC-H009. The AVIC-VH009MD and AVIC-VH009 are 1-DIN+1-DIN DSP-control AV navigation auto servers with built-in 7-inch wide VGA touch-screen monitors. The AVIC-ZH009 is a 2-DIN DSP-control AV navigation auto server with a built-in 7-inch wide VGA touch-screen monitor. The AVIC-XH009 is a 1-DIN navigation auto server with an on-dash 7-inch wide VGA touch-screen monitor. The AVIC-H009 is a 1-DIN navigation auto server (without a monitor). These models will be available in between late May and late June, 2006 at suggested retail prices of 357,000 yen, 336,000 yen, 294,000 yen, 304,500 yen, and 210,000 yen (including tax), respectively.

Pioneer predicts that the use of communications will become the key to create a new value for the future car navigation market through the recent rapidly-evolved communication-infrastructure. In introducing the new Cyber Navi series, the company has further enhanced the AGENT concept and mainly achieved the following design objectives:

  • Further advances in navigation capabilities and A/V functions
  • Improvement in home network convenience and support for new media and the information network
  • Embodiment of Pioneer Smart Loop Concept that leads the way to the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) age
  • An extensive lineup to meet various installation needs from the users

Since 2003, when first introducing the AGENT concept into its Cyber Navi series, the company has moved readily to incorporate technologies for effectively utilizing information in the car into its Cyber Navi systems. The AGENT feature not only records and learns the driver's preferences and patterns of movement, but it also has the ability to make judgments according to the situation, drawing on a huge bank of information stored in the hard disk as well as a wide variety of external information obtained via communications. The AGENT is a forward-looking concept that selects and provides information most ideal to the driver.

Main features:

Further advances in navigation capabilities and A/V functions

1) Map Equalizer to customize map displays in accordance with driver's preference and situation

  • The new models employ VGA monitors capable of displaying high-resolution images and making details such as roads, text data, and logo marks easier to view. Three- dimensional map modes, such as Solid City Map and Sky City Map, display the shapes and external appearance of buildings with a greater sense of reality on the map screen.
  • The newly-developed Map Equalizer allows drivers to adjust each of four parameters - Text Enlarge, Road Priority, Facility Priority, and Address Priority - in three levels according to their own taste or situation. It is possible to customize map displays by selecting details such as the size of text, text on/off, and the color of the roads or texture.

2) New Auto Parking Memory and advanced Traffic Congestion Forecast to provide further improved route search and guidance

  • Pioneer's advanced position recognition technology has been successfully harnessed in the newly-developed Auto Parking Memory. Once the parking location of a certain destination is used, the navigation system automatically memorizes the entrance of the location and guides the driver to its entrance when the driver sets the same destination next time.
  • When selecting the Traffic Congestion Forecast Route Search, the system automatically links to the Weather Live*1 site and use traffic congestion forecast data*2 according to weather conditions (clear, rain, or snow) obtained from the website, then provides route searches with greater accuracy for the driver. Also, up to six candidate routes are displayed with the information of the travel distance, normal travel time, travel time reflecting congestion forecasts, and costs on a single screen. It allows the driver to compare them and see the effects of the congestion forecast at a glance.

3) Terrestrial Digital TV Broadcasts including one-segment broadcasting supported (only for AVIC-VH009MD, AVIC-VH009, AVIC-ZH009, and AVIC-XH009)

With the Pioneer newly-introduced terrestrial digital TV tuner GEX-P9DTV connected to the new navigation system, terrestrial digital TV programs including one-segment broadcasts can be enjoyed in high picture quality on their VGA monitors. Designed for ease of use, these models include easy touch-panel operation, Navi Map Link TV Station Area Preset to automatically preset TV stations that can be received in the current location, and Data Broadcast Reception Area Setting to automatically recognize the postal code data for the current location and set the reception area for data broadcasts.

4) Newly-developed Auto Time Alignment & Auto Equalizer (5.1ch/2ch) for 5.1- or 2-channel playback (only for AVIC-VH009MD, AVIC-VH009, and AVIC-ZH009)

  • The AVIC-VH009MD, AVIC-VH009, and AVIC-ZH009 are equipped with a 5.1 multi-channel processor for playback of multi-channel programs such as DVD-Videos and the MPEG-2 AAC (MPEG-2 Advanced Audio Coding) sources from terrestrial TV broadcasts. The newly-developed Auto Time Alignment & Auto Equalizer (5.1ch/2ch) automatically tunes the internal acoustic space for each car and selects the appropriate sound field for playing 5.1-channel or 2-channel sources. In addition, these models control an iPod®*3 from the touch panel by using the adaptor CD-IB10II separately provided.
  • All of the five new models support a wealth of audio formats such as WMA*4, MP3, AAC*5, and DivX*6.

Improvement in home network convenience as well as support for new media and the information network

1) The world's first*7 "Any Music*8" supported car navigation systems (only for AVIC-VH009MD, AVIC-VH009, AVIC-XH009, and AVIC-H009)

The Bain Unit, comprising the car computer unit and a built-in 40-GB hard disk as the central section of the navigation system, can be removed from the system's main unit and used at home by installing in the "Living Kit". ATRAC-format*9 music tracks purchased via a PC from music distribution service sites such as "Mora" or "Yahoo! Music Download" can be transmitted to the Brain Unit, using the Justsystem's digital audio software "BeatJam*10". It is also possible to purchase music tracks from "Any Music" via the internet and download them directly to the Brain Unit without using a PC. The user can enjoy the music tracks stored in the Brain Unit both at home and in the car.

2) Navi Studio Ver. 2 (dedicated PC software) supported, for editing video images

Images for openings, playlists, registered locations, etc. can be formatted to ideal horizontal-to-vertical ratios and sizes by using Navi Studio Ver.2 on a PC. Also, for the AVIC-VH009MD, AVIC-VH009, AVIC-XH009, and AVIC-H009, the Mileage Management memorizes the travel distance and the date and time of refueling at the time of refueling, then calculates the total distance traveled, the total amount of fuel supplied, and the average mileage when the driver simply enters the refueling amount and other information via a PC.

3) Map updates via broadband communications (only for AVIC-VH009MD, AVIC-VH009, AVIC-XH009, and AVIC-H009)

The users can download the latest map data to the Brain Unit at home via a broadband connection. Pioneer started implementing this method for the first time in the industry in September 2005

Accumulative Probe - Embodiment of Pioneer Smart Loop Concept that leads the way in the age of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

Pioneer Smart Loop Concept is to compile the information such as traffic conditions provided by Pioneer navigation users throughout Japan over a communications network, convert it into useful information, streamline and share it among the users. This new concept aims to enhance the practical performance of all car navigation capabilities and create new value.
The newly-developed Accumulative Probe, as an embodiment of the Smart Loop Concept, has been employed by the new navigation systems, AVIC-VH009MD, AVIC-VH009, AVIC-XH009, and AVIC-H009.This function is a data collection/feedback system, where users upload the data accumulated in the Brain Unit, such as traffic congestion, facilities and traveled routes, to the Pioneer dedicated server via broadband connection. Pioneer then statistically processes the data and feedbacks to the navigation users. The Accumulative Probe thus will improve the practical use of car navigation capabilities by predicting traffic congestion with greater accuracy, expanding the number of roads where traffic conditions can be predicted, boosting the quality and quantity of parking data, etc. Pioneer plans to reflect the improvements in version upgrades or distribute the data via its website.

An extensive lineup to meet various installation needs from the users

The new Cyber Navi lineup supports a wide range of needs and includes:

  • AVIC-VH009MD and AVIC-VH009: 1DIN + 1DIN main units that can be installed in a variety of ways
  • AVIC-ZH009: 2DIN main unit that can be installed in a way that looks as though it is a seamless part of the console
  • AVIC-XH009: 1DIN source unit equipped with an on-dash TV that offers flexible location of the monitor
  • AVIC-H009: 1DIN source unit that can add navigation capabilities to the newly-introduced AVH-P90DVA, 1DIN DVD main unit equipped with a built-in monitor


*1 When using "Weather Live", communication environments, such as a mobile phone and broadband connection for home use, are required.
*2 Traffic congestion forecast data is provided by Increment P Corporation.
*3 iPod and iTunes are trade marks of Apple Computer, Inc.
*4 WMA: Windows Media Audio. Windows Media is a registered trade mark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
*5 Only the AAC format encoded by iTunes® can be reproduced.
*6 DivX is a registered trade mark of DivX Network, Inc.
*7 According to Pioneer survey, as of May 10, 2006.
*8 Any Music is a registered trade mark of Any Music Inc.
*9 ATRAC is a trade mark of Sony Corporation.
*10 BeatJam is a registered trade mark of Justsystem Corporation.

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