News Release:Pioneer To Renew Lineup of Sought-after "Raku-Navi"Car Navigation System in Japan

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September 29, 2005
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer To Renew Lineup of Sought-after "Raku-Navi"
Car Navigation System in JapanStrengthening their appeal by adding HDD-based models to the series





September 29, 2005, Tokyo, Japan - Pioneer Corporation announced today that the company will introduce a renewed lineup of "Raku-Navi" car navigation systems between late October and mid-November in Japan. The new lineup comes in four models of HDD-based car navigation systems and another four models of DVD-based models, covering a wide range of installation types, such as 2-DIN A/V-integrated navigation system, on-dash monitor type system, in-dash monitor type system, and rear monitor set system. Their suggested retail prices range from 147,000 yen to 273,000 yen (consumption tax included).

With its traditional concept of "easy operation and high performance," Pioneer's new "Raku-Navi" series employ four keywords for car navigation operations: Departure, Local Area, Traffic Congestion, and Returning. Users can smoothly and easily operate the car navigation system during driving from these keyword buttons on the screen touch panel or remote control, or via voice control. Offering superior A/V performances at the same time, the new models realize the great combination of A/V and car navigation performances at high level.

The HDD-based models feature easy-to-read Target Map*1 to select the map display mode from four modes, Enlarge Text, Address Focus, Road Focus, and Facilities Focus, depending on the driver's immediate driving needs. The Music Server automatically records tracks from music CDs onto the 30-GB HDD during playback (up to about 200 CDs or about 2,000 tracks can be recorded). In addition, the new models highly improve response capabilities to traffic congestion and route search ability thanks to various high-tech functions including:

  • Congestion Forecast Route Search to suggest more appropriate routes by using the congestion forecast data as well as the current traffic information.
  • On-demand VICS to quickly and widely obtain the VICS traffic congestion data by using mobile phones.
  • Pioneer's proprietary IQ High Accuracy to precisely locate and display the vehicle's current position on the map.

Both for the HDD-based and the DVD-based models, an iPod® connection*2 is possible via a separately sold Pioneer iPod® adaptor CD-IB10. Also, terrestrial digital TV programs can be enjoyed when the Pioneer terrestrial digital TV tuner GEX-P7DTV is connected.

More features

< HDD-based models >

  • All models are equipped with 7.0-inch wide touch screen.
  • Hands-free call, Auto title download, and Bluetooth communication*3 (via mobile phone)
  • Anti-theft detachable-mechanism (only for the AVIC-HRV02 on-dash monitor)

< DVD-based models >

  • With a rear monitor connected, Memory Navi mode allows rear-seat passengers to enjoy DVD videos even when car navigation is in use.

< Common to all models >

  • System expansion for full-fledged in-car theater system is possible by connecting to the Pioneer 5.1-ch surround DEQ-P9.


*1 Target Map is a trademark of Pioneer Corporation.
*2 Only for AVIC-HRZ09, AVIC-HRZ08, AVIC-HRZ09K and AVIC-DRZ09.
*3 A separately sold unit ND-BT1 is required.

< List of new HDD-based "Raku-Navi" series models >

HDD "Raku-Navi" car navigation systems
AVIC-HRZ09 2-DIN A/V-integrated car navigation (with MD function) with 7.0-inch TV
AVIC-HRZ08 2-DIN A/V-integrated car navigation (without MD function) with 7.0-inch TV
AVIC-HRV02 Car navigation with on-dash7.0-inch TV
AVIC-HRZ09K AVIC-HRZ09 + 7.0-inch rear monitor & rear-monitor remote control

< List of new DVD-based "Raku-Navi" series models >

DVD "Raku-Navi" car navigation systems
AVIC-DRZ09 2-DIN A/V-integrated car navigation with 6.5-inch TV
AVIC-DRV05 Car navigation with in-dash 6.5-inch TV
AVIC-DRV02 Car navigation (with DVD/CD/MP3 functions) with on-dash 7.0-inch TV
AVIC-DR01 Car navigation with on-dash 7.0-inch TV

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