News Release:Pioneer to Introduce New CD Player for DJs.

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June 12, 2003
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer to Introduce New CD Player for DJs.Offering Greater Digital Flexibility and Ease of Operation that Surpass Analog Turntable.



June 12, 2003, Tokyo, Japan - Pioneer Corporation has announced today that it will introduce the CDJ-1000MK2, a new CD player for disk jockeys (DJs), in Japan, in July this year. Pioneer plans to sell 30,000 units per year worldwide, including 3,000 units for the Japanese market.

The number of amateur DJs enjoying Remix*1 and other DJ performances has been growing steadily in Japan. In the past, the main piece of equipment used was the analog turntable, but in recent years, CD players offering Scratch*2 and a wealth of other digital functions specifically for DJs have been gaining in popularity, particularly since July 2001, when Pioneer introduced the CDJ-1000, which now becomes the industry standard for this CD category. Reflecting subsequent requests and comments given by users, Pioneer has developed the new CDJ-1000MK2. With this new model, Pioneer has also improved basic performances while featuring the operational feel of analog turntables. DJs can now digitally output a wide range of creative DJ sounds. Pioneer intends to activate the DJ and audio markets by providing new ways of enjoying music to both professional and amateur DJs

Main Features

1 ) Improved Basic Performance

(1) Large Jog Wheel

The internal construction of the large jog wheel, a device that enables DJs to operate the CD player even more easily than an analog turntable, has been greatly improved to provide smoother operation and greater durability.

(2) Sound Quality

The electrical resistance of the cables that carry the audio signal has been reduced, leading to produce rich low sound. Unwanted vibration caused by the mechanism has also been suppressed to more faithfully reproduce the original sound.

(3) Wide Pitch Control

A ±100% Wide Mode has been added to the variable pitch control of ±6%,±10%, and±16%. Fine adjustments of 0.02% at ±6% and 0.05% each at ±10% and at ±16% are possible. Tracks can thus be mixed more accurately.

(4) Display

The cueing point is indicated in a display on the jog wheel as though a guide had been attached to a phonograph record.

2 ) Digital Output of DJ Performances

DJs can digitally output sound that contains Scratch, Pitch Control and other performances they have created.

3 ) Other Features

  • Wave Display, for easy visual monitoring of deep bass beats and volume level
  • Multimedia card slot provided as standard
  • Instant Scratch following Track Search or Hot Cueing*3
  • Continuous input of Hot Cueing
*1 "Remix" means to produce a variety of sounds by mixing a number of tracks of CDs one after another, by employing a mixer with multiple CD players. To make Remix possible, DJs need to perform operations such as adjusting the pitch of tracks or cueing new tracks instantly without any time-lag.
*2 "Scratch" means a Remix technique to produce the abrasive sound as if a DJ left the needle on an analog phonograph record and used one hand to move back and forth on the turntable.
*3 Starting play instantly from a preset point on a track (up to three points per disc).

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