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May 19, 2003
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer to Introduce DVD/CD Writer for PCsOffering Outstanding Compatibility and Wide-Ranging Writing and Reading Functions



Pioneer Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, has announced today that it will introduce a new DVD/CD writer with internal ATAPI connection for Windows, the DVR-A06-J, in Japan, in June of this year. Pioneer plans to produce 10,000 units a month.

The worldwide market for recordable DVD drives for personal computers (DVD writers) is expanding at a tremendous rate. In these circumstances, about 70%*1 of the DVD writers shipped up until the end of 2002 supported the DVD-R/RW format. By offering reliable performance and versatile functions, Pioneer has earned the trust and appreciation of customers, making Pioneer the recognized company for supplying recordable DVD devices. Furthermore, on May 8, Microsoft Corporation announced that its next-generation Windows will support the DVD-R/RW format as the standard.
  Since there are several formats in the marketplace, however, confusion is rampant, especially among beginners, who demand a product that can handle these various formats, so as to ease their worries about standard media of the future. In response, Pioneer's new DVR-A06-J DVD/CD writer is designed to handle +R and +RW discs, in addition to DVD-R and DVD-RW discs.
  Thanks to Pioneer's original Precision Recording Technology, the DVR-A06-J dramatically improves the writing precision of DVD-RW and ease of use. Writing performance is also improved due to the application of Distributed Real-time Defect Management (DRT-DM), a first*2 for the DVD-RW writers. In addition, by supporting writing and reading capabilities of +R/+RW media, this new model meets the wider-range requirements for DVD and CD writing and reading.
  Furthermore, through a wide variety of bundled software, it is possible not only to produce DVD-Video discs easily, but to import data from discs recorded in the VR (Video Recording) format into a personal computer. Other functions include data writing through "drag and drop," just like when using a floppy disc, and free additional writing and editing on either DVD-R or DVD-RW disc. It ultimately offers easy-to-use, more convenient DVD high-speed writing to PC users.

*1 According to the research by Pioneer.
*2 As of May 2003, for DVD-RW

Main Features

1 ) High-speed writing

The DVR-A06-J enables high-speed writing of 4x with DVD-R discs*3, 2x with DVD-RW*4, 4x with +R*5, and 2.4x with +RW. It also enables 16x writing speed for CD-R and 10x for CD-RW. These permit users to select the appropriate medium, according to data size and purpose.

*3 The writing speeds of 4x with DVD-R (DVD-R for General, Version 2.0/4x-speed DVD-R Revision 1.0) and 2x with DVD-RW (DVD-RW Version 1.1/2x-speed DVD-RW Revision 1.0) are new standards approved by the DVD Forum in August 2002. For a 2x-speed DVD-R writing, please use high-speed discs of 2x- or 4x-speed.
*4 For a 2x-speed DVD-RW writing, please use high-speed discs of 2x-speed.
*5 Please use media for high-speed writing.

2 ) Application of new Precision Recording Technology

Based on the review result of the overwrite performances of a variety of DVD-RW discs, the DVR-A06-J utilizes a sequence that enables writing under the best conditions at all times. Through this technology, Pioneer succeeded in improving initial writing performance and keeping the deterioration of these qualities through repeated writing to a minimum. As a result, the DVR-A06-J ensures stable writing even on discs that are frequently rewritten and prevents writing errors due to variations in disc quality. The DVR-A06-J achieves an improvement in DVD-RW re-writing performance of approximately 10 times*6 compared with the company's previous models.
Moreover, the new model realizes even higher DVD-RW writing reliability thanks to the use of Distributed Real-time Defect Management (DRT-DM)*7, applied for the first time for DVD-RW in the industry, and the accompanying writing software*8.

*6 DVD-RW writing performance might differ according to the disc used or operational environment.
*7 DRT-TM technology permits the stable writing on DVD-RW discs despite stains and scratches, while maintaining playback compatibility without sacrificing writing speed.
*8 DRT-TM requires corresponding software (WriteDVD! SAI is bundled with the DVR-A06-J).

3 ) Various original technologies to enhance reliability

The new model offers reliability and quiet operation through application of the liquid-crystal tilt mechanism, smart laser driver technology, and dynamic resonance absorber (DRA), which are employed in Pioneer's DVR-A05-J and DVR-S502 and have been well received by customers. Furthermore, the new model's Buffer Under-run Prevention function prevents transfer errors that occur, albeit rarely, at the time of writing on DVD-R, DVD-RW, +R, +RW, CD-R, and CD-RW discs.

  1. Liquid-crystal tilt mechanism is employed to eliminate any decline in writing and reading precision caused by variations in the curvature and thickness of discs. This technology was derived from the liquid-crystal aberration correcting element that Pioneer had successfully developed for its car electronics products. As a result, high-precision writing is realized even when the signal side is slanting because of the disc's curvature.
  2. Smart laser driver technology greatly enhances the signal precision at the time of writing by carrying the writing circuit, which usually is carried on the substrate of the main body, in the optical pickup.
  3. Dynamic resonance absorber(DRA) is used to greatly reduce the machine vibration when the disc rotates at high speed.

4 ) 5.25-inch 1-bay, vertical/horizontal compatible type

Because the new DVR-A06-J supports both vertical and horizontal installation, it can be used with 1-bay, slim-type PCs for expansion.

5 ) Variety of software for wide range of uses and simple operation guidebook attached

By storing an abundant variety of bundled software for wide-ranging DVD/CD writing in a single CD-ROM, it eliminates the bothersome task of having to replace discs at the time of installation. A DVD Utilization Handbook is also attached introducing ways of putting the accompanying bundled software for practical use.

Bundled Software to the DVR-A06-J

MyDVD (published by SONIC SOLUTIONS)

This personal authoring software has a wide range of functions from digital video capture to DVD recording. It is easy to use, with the ability to create DVD-Video discs with "motion menus" and still images. A "Direct-to-DVD" Wizard function provides dubbing to DVD, with DVD menu creation via drag-and-drop operation. Dolby Digital (AC-3) sound recording*9, a feature once found only in professional systems, is also possible. Compared to linear PCM sound recording, this sound recording format uses much less disc space, freeing up disc capacity for video, which results in higher picture quality and more recording time. This software also provides a VR import function*9. This allows data recorded by a DVD recorder using the VR format to be edited on a PC and recorded to a new disc in DVD Video format, as well as making it possible to edit a disc recorded by a DVD recorder and easily create a library. In addition, an "electronic photo album disc" can be made using the slideshow function, allowing the still images shot using a digital camera to be played back on any DVD-Video player.

*9 Compatible with MyDVD Version 5 (a free version upgrade will be possible from the Sonic Solutions website, scheduled by the end of June 2003)

ShowBiz (published by ArcSoft)

This powerful movie-making software provides both "storyboard" and professional "timeline" functions. A variety of editing options are available, including 100 types of transitions and text effects, plus a post-editing preview mode. Real-time rendering allows quick checking, vastly reducing the time it takes to make movies.

RecordNow DX (published by SONIC SOLUTIONS)

This is DVD/CD writing software for everyone from beginners to power users. Either of two methods can be used to burn discs: the use of Wizard Guides that provide on-screen instructions for easy disc creation, or a Layout Window that allows user to change settings as desired. This integrated software supports both Quick Format and Multi Border data writing, making it suitable for both data backup and the creation of small quantity of discs for distribution. Bootable CDs can be created from startup floppy disks. The built-in PX Engine provides stability for disc writing.

WriteDVD! (published by SAI)

This packet-writing software supports the popular Quick Format with drag-and-drop functionality, making it as easy to write to a DVD as to a floppy disk. The interface is simple, and drag-and-drop drive letter access provides quick access to files. Also, defect management (DRT-DM) makes it as easy to handle DVD-RW media as floppy disks while maintaining playback compatibility.
The Quick Grow function works to erase the finalization to prepare for additional editing or writing on the DVD-RW disc. Together with the Multi Border function for DVD-R, it permits the additional writing and editing for both DVD-R and DVD-RW discs. Also, Quick Grow ensures that writing additional data to a disc will not ruin its playback compatibility.

Simple Backup (published by SONIC SOLUTIONS)

This backup software simplifies the complicated process of backing up important data and system data.
It is possible to backup and restore user's vital data easily, through easy-to-follow on-screen Wizard instructions that provide hassle-free operation. Simple Backup lets user make full use of the large capacity of DVD discs to backup and restore all files on user's computer, including Windows, so even if users have hard disk trouble or problems with their Windows system, the System Restore function makes recovery easy.

WinDVD (published by Intervideo)

This DVD-Video playback software will play user's original DVD-Video discs as well as commercially available DVD discs. The Video Desktop feature plays a movie using user's desktop as the screen, and also plays DVD discs created in the VR mode by a DVD recorder. The Time Stretching function lets user adjust the playback speed from half-speed to double-speed while maintaining natural audio listening. Other enhanced functions include a virtual surround sound function that creates a virtual surround environment to give user the power of 5.1 channel sounds from regular two speakers.

DVR-A06-J Specifications and others

(Main Specifications)

Supported Discs Write/record 4.7GB DVD-R for General, Version 2.0/4x-speed DVD-R Revision 1.0 (for Video, for Data)
4.7GB DVD-RW Version 1.1/2x-speed DVD-RW Revision 1.0 (for Video, for Data)
+R Version 1.0/Version 1.1
+RW Version 1.2
Read/playback 4.7GB DVD-R for General, Version 2.0 (for Video, for Data)
4.7GB DVD-R for Authoring, Version 2
3.95GB DVD-R Version1.0
4.7GB DVD-RW (for Video, for Data)
+R Version 1.0/Version 1.1
+RW Version 1.2
DVD-ROM (Single Layer, Dual Layer)
CD-TEXT, Photo-CD, CD-EXtrA, Video CD, Audio CD , CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW
Loading Method Power Open/Close
Continuous Data Transfer Rate Write/record DVD-R 4x-speed 5.54MB/s
2x-speed 2.77MB/s
1x-speed 1.385MB/s
DVD-RW 2x-speed 2.77MB/s
1x-speed 1.385MB/s
+R 4x-speed 5.54MB/s
2.4x-speed 3.32MB/s
+RW 2.4x-speed 3.32MB/s
CD-R 16x-speed 2.4MB/s
12x-speed 1.8MB/s
8x-speed 1.2MB/s
4x-speed 0.6MB/s
CD-RW 10x-speed 1.5MB/s
4x-speed 0.6MB/s
Read/playback DVD-ROM (Single Layer) Max.12x-speed 16.62MB/s
DVD-ROM (Dual Layer) Max.8Xx-speed 11.08MB/s
DVD-R (4x-speed type) Max.6x-speed 8.31MB/s
DVD-R (Other than 4x-speed type) Max.2x-speed 2.77MB/s
DVD-RW (2x-speed type) Max.6x-speed 8.31MB/s
DVD-RW (Other than 2x-speed type) Max.2x-speed 2.77MB/s
+R Max.6x-speed 8.31MB/s
+RW Max.6x-speed 8.31MB/s
DVD-Video (Single/Dual-Layer) 2x-speed 2.77MB/s
CD-ROM Max.32x-speed 4.8MB/s
Video CD 4x-speed 0.6MB/s
Audio CD Max.10x-speed 1.5MB/s
CD-R/RW Max.32x-speed 4.8MB/s
Data Buffer Capacity 2MB
Interfac ATAPI (P10 Mode4/Multi Word DMA Mode2)
Ultra DMA33 (Ultra DMA Mode2)
Max. Power Consumption 19.9W
External Size 148(W)   42.3(D)   198(H) mm
Net Weight 1.1kg


(Required PC Environment)

OS Windows 98SE, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows 2000
CPU Pentium III 500MHz or higher
Memory 128MB or higher (256MB recommended)
HD Size 10GB or higher
Monitor Resolution 1024x768 32bit color is recommended.
Drive Mounting Position Horizontal/Vertical Mounting
Other Equipment Video equipments (i.e.,Video Deck, Camcorder) and Capture Card are required separately.

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