News Release:Pioneer Releases New Models of HDD-based"CYBER NAVI" Car Navigation Systems In Japan

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May 8, 2003
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Releases New Models of HDD-based
"CYBER NAVI" Car Navigation Systems In Japan





HDD-based Navigation Server with Built-in DVD/CD Unit*AVIC-H9SRP ¥190,000Available in Late May
Audio/Video/Navigation Server with Built-in wide 6.5-inchTV/ DVD/MD/CD·HDD·DSPAVIC-ZH9 MDSRP ¥315,000Available in Late May
A set of HDD-based Navigation Server, wide 7.0-inch TV and DVD/CD unitAVIC- XH9SRP ¥298,000Available in Late May
* Requires separate monitor or TV. Suggested companion TV is available (AVIC-V7MD 7.0-inch wide TV with MD and DSPAV power unit, SRP ¥155,000; AVIC-V7 7.0-inch wide TV with DSPAV power unit, SRP ¥130,000; TV-W8 8.0-inch wide TV, SRP ¥125,000.)

Pioneer's car navigation systems have been highly acclaimed particularly since 2001, when Pioneer built in a hard disk drive to give the systems "larger-than-DVD's storage capacity," "high-speed signal processing" and "rewritable capabilities," and also incorporated the industry's first-ever music server feature.

As well as offering improved features and performance, Pioneer's new HDD-based "CYBER NAVI" models have improved the so-called "Agent" function to automatically learn the driver's preferences and operating patterns.

"Agent" function offers more driver-customized car navigation

"Drive Planner" (an industry first*1)

When the driver specifies conditions for when, with whom, and where to, Drive Planner considers the season, business hours and other factors to propose a driving plan that includes the best places to visit *2. Drive Planner also monitors progress during the drive, so that if the planned drive falls behind schedule, it can suggest a change of plan or a faster route. This feature enables drivers to enjoy an efficient plan even in areas with an abundance of sightseeing spots.

"Byway Advisor"

Based on the byway data*3 stored on the hard disk or roads off the main routes that the driver had used in the past, the "CYBER NAVI" suggests a new route suitable to the current situation.

"Intelligent Re-route" (an industry first*1)

The new "Intelligent Re-route" function finds the re-route or new route to the destination based on judgments as to whether the driver has deviated from the planned route.

"Hit Chart Play" (an industry first*1)

The Hit Chart Play feature links music stored on the hard disk with such information as ranking in the hit charts and whether it is a tie-up song of drama or commercial. It is possible to view hit chart details and play back a countdown of the latest hits or the past songs.

*1 Pioneer Corporation's survey as of May 7, 2003
*2 "CYBER NAVI" contains data from the Japan Tourist Association and the Mapple Guide published by Shobunsha.
*3 Data for the Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya areas from the Mapple Jutai Nukemichi (Mapple Congestion Byways), published by Obunsha, has been stored.

Large-memory capacity 20GB hard disk

The new "CYBER NAVI" models benefit from a big boost of space to 20GB for their built-in hard disks. The quantity of map and other information required for navigation has been increased, ensuring a richer, more efficient driving experience. Also, up to about 150 CD (calculated at 60 minutes per CD) or about 1,500 songs can be stored, thanks to the music server feature.

"IQ High Accuracy" chip, for greater driving comfort

A chip dedicated to new-generation accuracy is capable of faster-than-ever processing, and an overwhelmingly accurate positioning. Together with the improved "tilt sensor" that detects the mounted position of the unit in the dash, and the "tire external diameter change sensing function," the new "CYBER NAVI" improves accuracy in determining car location, the basic function of car navigation.

"2x Recording," for fast recording of music

CDs can be recorded to hard disk quickly, at 2x normal speed. Since music libraries can be created more easily now in the car, the enjoyment of the music server is enhanced.

Support for 5.1-channel sound system

5.1-channel sound of DVD-video's movies and music can be fully enjoyed in the car with the addition of a separately sold unit.

About Pioneer

Pioneer Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of consumer- and business-use electronics products such as audio, video and car electronics on a global scale. Its shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (ticker symbol PIO), Euronext Amsterdam, Tokyo Stock Exchange, and Osaka Stock Exchange.

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