News Release:Pioneer Introduces 5 New Car navigation Systems in Japan

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September 28, 1999
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Introduces 5 New Car navigation Systems in Japan

  • 1Model of DVD Cyber-Navigation, which is offered with a 6.5inch LCD
    Wide Screen TV at affordable price. [ AVIC-D6500 ]
  • 4 Models of "Easy Operation" Car Navigation Systems, based on CD-ROM drives CD-ROMs base. The choices are;
    [ AVIC-520VP ] with VICS pack, including FM multiplex tuners.
    [ AVIC-520 ] as a basic system of the category
    [ AVIC-XM520 ] easy operation type, with a built-in MD player
    [ AVIC-XC520 ] with a built-in cassette player

The company also introduces a wide variety of optional items. They are listed as in the following chart.

ProductModel No.PriceLaunch
DVD Cyber-Navigation System
With a 6.5inch Wide Screen TV DVD Car Computer SystemAVIC-D6500¥248,000Early
Easy Operation Navigation System
VICS(FM multiplex tuner)/6.5inchwide screen TVVoice control CD-ROM navigationAVIC-520VP¥198,000Early
6.5inchWide Screen TV Voice control CD-ROM navigationAVIC-520¥178,000
One Body AV Easy operation Navigation
6.5inch wide screen TV Voice Control CD ROM navigation system with a MD playerAVIC-XM520¥248,000Early
6.5inch wide screen TV Voice Control CD ROM navigation system with a cassette playerAVIC-XC520¥210,000
Voice Recognition KitCD-V100¥4,800Early
Map Software for 'Easy Navi'
Super Area Map Vol.3 Hokkaido/TouhokuCNCD-301¥14,800Early
Super Area Map Vol.3 Kanto Area 3 DiscsCNCD-302¥18,800
Super Area Map Vol.3 Chubu Area 2 discsCNCD-303¥16,800
Super Area Map Vol.3 Kinki Area 2 discsCNCD-304¥16,800
Super Area Map Vol.3 Chugoku/ShikokuCNCD-305¥14,800
Super Area Map Vol.3 Kyushuu/OkinawaCNCD-306¥14,800
Super Area Map Vol.3 All Japan 3 discsCNCD-300¥19,800

< Planning Concept >

The shipment of Car navigation systems in the Japanese After/market is forecasted to reach 700,000units this year. This year, Pioneer will introduce two different line-ups for the domestic market to cover wider customers' needs. One line-up is the DVD Cyber Navigation with advanced technology and features and performance. The other is everyone-can-handle type, Easy Navigation systems with a CD-ROM drive. This time Pioneer introduces total 5 systems to meet wider expanding market needs. The first Cyber Navigation System was introduced May this year and it has obtained very well reputation at the market place. This new generation, AVIC-D6500, retains most of its key features* and yet reduces the price to affordable level. And as for the Easy Navigation, Pioneer pursues for further easiness in its operation. For example, There is a 'Where I'm going to' button, with which you can resister your destination to the navigation system by a simple operation.

* Communication Function,PsidePfunction and PC card slot are exempted.

< The Main Features of DVD Cyber Navigation, AVIC-D6500 >

1 ) Highly Evaluated Most Advanced Car Navigation Function.

  • The hardware realizing high performances consist of the newest32bit RISC-CPU, the large capacity SDRAM, the newly developed Map Graphic processor, the Highly Accurate Positioning Sensor Chip, and the FM multiplex Tuner with a built-in VICS/D-GPS receiver.
  • The Key Features from the preceding model are all* retained. They are ;
    'Driver's View', which shows you realistic road images by computer graphics, 'Visual City Map', which illustrates realistic city views with 3-D graphics. Also by adding the optional Voice recognition kit, CD-V100, fully featured voice recognition functions can be installed.
* Communication Functions, P side P function and PC card slot are exempted.

2 ) High Cost performance with affordable pricing

A wide screen 6.5inch LCD performs perfect visual expression, connected with a attached RGB cable to the main unit. As the TV tuner section is contained in the main body, installation of the system becomes easier than before.

3 ) The First Rated Positioning Accuracy

To realize the first rate accuracy, Pioneer developed a special program to calculate positioning by hybrid processing of the GPS data and the data from the Gyroscope sensor. With this program, the navigation can also calculate altitude of the car and locate the position even when the car is on a overpass crossing road. In this way, 3-D map matching can be done and moreover, because of its accuracy, a map of 10m scale and the driver view function are featured for the driver's convenience.

< The common features of 'Easy Navi' and AV One Body 'Easy Navi' >

1 ) Easy operation new style Remote Control with "Where I'm going to" button"

The key functions such as Destination search and Route search can be easily commanded by a single push of "Where I'm going to" button, then only you have to do is to follow the instructions of the system either with the remote control unit or voice command. Places such as amusement parks and registered places can be called up by a simple voice command with just a word.

2 ) Japanese nationwide map information is contained in 3 CD-ROMs

Previously nationwide information was contained in a CD-ROM. The new models furnished with 3 CD-ROM with much deep information. With the ten keys on the remote controller, the driver can search for his destination by the telephone number.

3 ) Other additional features for "Easier Operation"

  • Help Screen to assist you in Voice commands and Remote control operations
  • District Search, you can search your destination by the address and the name of nearby station.
  • Voice Guide confirms your commands
  • An attached guidance video gives you ideas how to use Voice command effectively

4 ) Wireless remote control, TV antenna, 3 CD-ROM are all included as attachment.

< The main features of "Easy Navi" and AV One Body "Easy Navi" >

• AVIC-520VP VICS(FM Multiplex)/6.5inch Wide screen TV , Voice Control, CD-ROM System

  • Vics included value package model

• AVIC-520 6.5inch Wide Screen TV, Voice control, CD-ROM System

The Wide Screen 6.5inch, easy to see display and with the newly designed simple operation remote control are all included high cost performance model.

• AVIC-XM520(with MD player)/AVIC-XC520(with cassette player) 6.5inch Wide Screen Display AV One Body Voice Control CD-ROM System

  • Because of a compact one body type, a navigation system and an audio system is installed into the console. The easy-to-see 6.5inch wide screen TV, and for the audio part, CD, FM/AM, MD(AVIC-XM520) and Cassette (AVIC-XC520) all sources are featured.
  • Audio and TV functions are also commanded by the Voice recognition easily. Audio information is displayed on the screen with various expressions. And Voice guide confirms your command, for example, saying "Switched to TV viewing" etc.
  • Every system has a 35w x 4 high-power built in amplifier to reproduce high quality sound form any music sources. In addition, they have a connection terminal for a multi CD changer or a multi MD changer to expand source selections. The Voice command system also works for disc selection.

< Options >

• CD-V100....Voice recognition Kit

This Kit includes a voice recognition microphone and a stirring remote control. It applies to AVIC-D6500. (AVIC-D7000,AVIC-D9500 applicable too)

• Map Software for "Easy Navigation"

    {Detailed regional map/ Super Area Map Vol.3} (Applicable to "Easy Navi" '98,'99)
  • Help Display for easy and comfortable operation, supporting voice command.
  • Newly adopted District search enables you to find out the destination by calling up the name of a place and a nearby station.
  • A full of enjoyable entertainment information, such as "gourmet spots" and "Spot Recommendation"
  • Nationwide 400cities are displayed in detailed format with 25m scale.
  • One way traffic and sidewalks are indicated in 25m scale.

< Main Specifications >

 DVD[Cyber-Navigation][Easy Navigation]
GPSReceiver system8 channels with multi channel system
TV TunerChannel RangeVHF1-12ch,UHF13-62ch(Mono)
MonitorScreen size6.5inch wide screen
Number of pixel280,800pixels
TypeTFT Active Matrix LCD Color Display
Main Unit282×52×212 mm
GPS Antenna46×46×13
TV Antenna30×193×32mm
0.3kg incl. Wire
0.25kg Incl. Wire
Remote Control38×145×30mm
0.08kg(with battery)
0.09kg(with battery)


 AV One Body "Easy Navigation"
GPS PartReceiver System8 channel/multi channel
CD playerFrequency Respons5-20,000Hz
S/N Ratio90dB(1kHz)(IHF-A network)
Dynamic range90dB(1kHz)
MD PlayerFrequency Response5-20,000Hz-
S/N Ratio90dB(1kHz)(IHF-A Network)
Dynamic Range91dB(1kHz)
Cassette PlayerWow/Flutter-0.1%(WRMS)
S/N(Metal)DolbyB IN:63dB(IHF-A Network)
DolbyB OUT:55dB(IHF-A Network)
FM TunerFrequency Range76.1-89.9MHz
Usable Sensitivity11dBf(0.8μV/75Ω,Mono,S/N:30dB)
AM TunerFrequency Range522-1,629kHz
Usable Sensitivity30μV(S/N:20dB)
TV TunerChannel rangeVHF1-12ch,UHF13-62ch(Multiplex audio)
AmplifierMaximum output35W x 4
MonitorScreen size6.5inch wide screen
Number of pixels280,800pixels(234×1,200)
TypeTFT Active Matrix LCD color monitor
Main Unit178(W)×100(H)×165(D)mm/3.0kg
GPS Antenna51(W)×53(H)×15(D)mm/0.13kg
TV antenna30×308×29mm
Remote control38(W)×140(H)×36(D)mm/0.07kg

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