News Release:Pioneer Introduces The "HAPPY CINEMA" Portable DVD Player

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September 27, 1999
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Introduces The "HAPPY CINEMA" Portable DVD Player

TOKYO, Japan, September 27, 1999 ----- Pioneer Corporation announced its introduction of the new "HAPPY CINEMA" portable DVD-Video player, to the Japanese domestic market.



ProductModel No.S.R.P.Launch DateMonthly
Portable DVD PlayerPDV-10-SW¥68,000Late Nov. '993,000pcs

Since Pioneer introduced its first DVD players in December 1996, the company has launched a full line-up of products such as DVD/LD Compatible, DVD Karaoke and even portable players with a LCD display, to fulfill various needs of consumers.
Today, Pioneer introduces the 'PDV-10-SW' Portable DVD-Video Player, named "HAPPY CINEMA", to add a totally different taste and style to the DVD category itself. With a casual and fancy design, and a load of user-friendly features, the new "HAPPY CINEMA" Portable DVD player will change the 'difficult' and 'complicated' image of the 'high-tech' optical disc player category, to a friendly and much enjoyable image.
The user will not only have easy access to DVD title viewing, but also have fun by just looking at its unique see-through 'skeleton-type' body.

< Main Features >

1 ) A Simple Design and Skeleton-type Body

The PDV-10-SW has a casual and fancy designed see-through white colored 'skeleton-type' body. The design will fit into any kind of room or space just like a piece of interior.

2 ) Unbelievable Compact Size

The "PDV-10-SW" has a surprisingly small size of only 190mm (W) x 142mm (D), which is same to that of a 'tall-type' DVD software jacket. With an ultra-slim height of only 18mm and weighing only 360g, the player can easily be set in your AV rack even if it's already full of AV related components, and can be put away without taking up any extra space. The player can easily be carried around to any room or space and easily connected to a display to enjoy DVD viewing.

3 ) User-Friendly Functions

Operations can be easily made with a number of user-friendly functions. A new GUI (Graphic User Interface) feature, the 'Set-up Navigator', will provide a new level of simplicity to setting up a DVD player for the first time. 'Program Memory Function' will provide automatic playback of the contents in order as it was once programmed whenever the same disc is loaded (only DVD discs; up to 24 titles). 'Resume Function' will allow automatic-playback from the point the user stopped viewing, even after the player is once turned off. The 'Card-type Remote Controller' will allow easy operation from a distance with its neatly designed layout of 36 keys. The PDV-10-SW can be powered by either AC adapter (100V-240V ready) or optional 'Battery Pack', which provides a full 3.5 hour playback.

4 ) Technologies that support the full specifications of the DVD-Video Format

With Pioneer's state-of-the-art technologies, the PDV-10-SW can reproduce the full specifications of the DVD-Video format, such as, 'DTS' and 'Dolby Digital' ready audio/video digital outputs, and '96kHz/24bit DA Converter' for a dynamic hi-quality sound. The '10bit DA Converter' requantizes the original 8bit/13.5MHz video signals into a 10bit/27MHz signal for more accurate processing to result in a high-quality picture. 'Legato Link Conversion' restores the rich harmonics and overtones (over 20kHz) that was lost in the CD digital recording process.

< Main Specifications >

Power RequirementsDC 9V (AC100V-240V 50/60Hz) or nickel hydrogen battery pack
Power Consumption6W (at 100V), 0.8W at standby
Playback DiscsDVD-Video/Video CD/audio CD/CD-V/CD-R
Weight360g (exc. battery)
Dimensions190(W)x18(H)x142(D) mm
S-Video Outputs1: 3-way mini jack
Y output level: 1Vp-p (at 75Ω)
C output level: 286mVp-p (at 75Ω)
Audio/Video Inputs/Outputs1 audio/video input/output (convertible): 4-way mini jack
audio input/output level: 1Vp-p (at 75Ω)
video input/output level: 1.5Vrms(1kHz, 0dB)
Digital Audio Outputsoptical digital output terminal: mini optical connector
(also acts as headphone terminal)
Audio Output Characteristics
DVD (linear audio):DVD (linear audio):
  4Hz-22kHz (48kHz sampling rate)
  4Hz-44kHz (96kHz sampling rate)
CD:4Hz-20kHz (EIAJ)
Permissible Temperature5 to 35 degrees C(when playing)
Permissible Humidity Level5 to 85%
Remote Controllerwireless card-type

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