News Release:Pioneer Introduces the Industry's FirstMini-System with a Built-in CD-R Recorder

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September 14, 1999
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Introduces the Industry''s First
Mini-System with a Built-in CD-R Recorder

TOKYO, Japan, September 14, 1999 ----- Pioneer Corporation announced its introduction of the industry's first Mini-System (one body type) with a Built-in CD-R Recorder, to the Japanese domestic market.



ProductModel No.S.R.P.Launch DateMonthly
Mini-System with
CD-R Recorder
X-MR7¥112,000End of November '997,000 pcs

< Main Features >

1 ) Industry's First Built-in CD-R Recorder

The X-RM7 is the industry's first mini-system with a built-in CD-R Recorder. Also having a built-in 3-CD Changer, the user will be able to record tracks from a CD to a CD-R or CD-RW blank disc. By programming the CD changer, the user can edit tracks and make his or her own original CD.

2 ) "Direct Recording & Programming" Function

The system also has a "Direct Recording & Programming" Function for a convenient CD to CD recording. With a simple press of the "Direct REC Button", the user can choose from one of the following three recording modes that meets his or her needs.

  1. CD CD-R --- "ALL TRACK" mode: Recording of a full CD to a CD-R disc.
  2. CD CD-R --- "1 Track" mode: Recording of only 1 track from a CD to CD-R disc.
  3. CD CD-R --- "RENTAL" mode: Recording of only the first track from each CD set in the 3-CD Player changer to CD-R disc.

Also, with the "Program Recording" Function, the user can program the CD changer and record whatever track in whatever order he or she likes, from the CDs set in the CD Changer.

3 ) A Variety of Input and Output Terminals

The X-MR7 has 3 input and 2 output terminals for easy connection to external sources. By connecting a portable Mini-Disc (MD) Recorder, not only CD to MD recording, but also MD to CD recording can be done. Furthermore, an analog record player can be connected, as the X-MR7 has a 'phono' input terminal (with phono equalizer). So users can easily record their precious analog records on CD-R discs, and keep the same sound quality as the original.

4 ) "Wide-Range" Technology for a High-Quality Sound Playback

The X-MR7 is equipped with Pioneer's State-of-the-Art Wide-Range Technology to assure a high-quality sound of prerecorded CDs, and of course your original CD discs.
The "Legato-Link Conversion" processor will expand the16-bit/20kHz frequency data, up to 40kHz, to high fidelity of the natural sound.
Also, a light and hard "PPTA Foam" applied in the wide-range 2.5 semi-dome type tweeter speaker, will reproduce a natural sound having an unconstrained high tone.

5 ) Others

  • Sampling Rate Converter
    The X-MR7 features a built-in Sampling Rate Converter that allows direct recording from digital sources sampled at different frequencies, such as CS broadcast (48kHz) and BS A mode (32kHz). These data signals will be converted automatically into sound data at the 44.1kHz sampling frequency standard for CDs. The Converter will be automatically bypassed when sources sampled at 44.1kHz, such as HDCDs and DTS CDs, are being recorded.
  • Strategy Control IC for Precise Recording
    The "Strategy Control IC" will ensure more accurate recording on blank discs. The CD-R and CD-RW blank discs found in the market today have their own special characteristic, which differ by manufacturer. The Strategy Control IC will work with the Running OPC to adjust the 'laser power' and 'recording strategy' at the most suitable level, to result in an optimum recording condition.
  • CD-R and CD-RW blank discs are applicable.
  • Digital/Analog Recording Level Adjustment
    The recording level can be adjusted, so that different source's recorded in different recording levels can be recorded onto a CD at an equal level.
  • Automatic Finalizing Function
  • SCMS (Serial Copy Management System)
  • Track "Skip" Programming Function

The X-RM7 is designed for consumer use only. CD recording will only be practical by use of CD-R and CD-RW blank discs having the descriptions of "FOR MUSIC ONLY" or "FOR CONSUMER USE".

< Main Specifications >

CD/CD-R Receiver Part
Sampling RatePlayback : 44.1kHz
Recording : 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
Power RequirementsAC 100V 50/60Hz
Maximum Power Output50W + 50W (6Ω, EIAJ)
Power Consumption (at Stand-by)88W (0.6W)
Dimensions210(W) x 260 (H) x 392 (D) mm


Speaker System
Speakers14cm/2.5cm 2-way Book-Shelf Type
Dimensions (one piece)182 (W) x 320 (H) x 232.5 (D) mm
Weight (one piece)4.0 kg

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