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August 31, 1999
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Introduces Two New DVD-Video Players

TOKYO, Japan, August 31, 1999, ----- Pioneer announced its introduction of two new DVD players (consumer use), to the Japanese domestic market.

DV-S6D DV-525
ProductModel No.S.R.P.Launch DateMonthly
DVD PlayerDV-S6D¥79,800End of Oct. 19995,000pcs
DVD PlayerDV-525¥49,800End of Sept 199910,000pcs

< Main Features for DV-S6D >

1 ) DTS and Dolby Digital Decoder

The DV-S6D has a built-in '*DTS (Digital Theater System) & *Dolby Digital Decoder'. By connecting the player to a 5.1ch ready audio/video amplifier, the same surround sound effect of a movie theater can be reproduced at home. The DV-S6D can also playback DTS-CDs, so users can also enjoy soundtracks at the same high-quality 5.1ch surround sound.
The DV-S6D is also equipped with a 'Virtual Dolby Digital' feature, so users can connect the player directly to a TV set or stereo system (2 channel audio) and enjoy a similar surround sound effect to Dolby Digital with only a set of front-speakers.

* DTS is a trademark of Digital Theater Systems, Inc.
* Dolby is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corp.

2 ) Pioneer State-of-the-art Digital Technologies

  1. Newly-Developed "Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) IC"
    By inheriting Pioneer's state-of-the-art technologies applied in its flagship model DVD-Video player, the DV-S9, a high quality picture and sound will be assured.
    The newly developed DNR IC "VQE4" applied in the DV-S6D will separate the disturbing noise from video signals and set an ideal parameter for the three-color signals (Y, PB, PR) to result in a noise-free clear picture. By processing the video signals with the 10bit High Accuracy NTSC Encoder & 10bit Video DAC IC, a high-fidelity picture will be presented.
  2. Parameter Control Technologies for Clarity and High Quality Images
    Five individual parameters (Detail, Sharpness, etc.) are ready to be set at the users' will, in order to achieve the best picture quality the user whishes. The player will memorize the settings of these parameters and automatically playback the titles at the same conditions when the disc is set (memorizes up to 15 DVD titles).

3 ) Trick Play Operations

The DV-S6D features a newly developed 'Trick Play Processor' for smoother trick play operations. The 16Mbit memory offers a variety of frame advance/reverse and slow motion plays in forward and reverse directions. It includes an exclusive circuit for users to enjoy various reverse special effects beyond the capabilities of conventional DVD players, including the industries first normal-speed reverse playback function.

4 ) Self-Light-Up GUI Remote Control Unit with Jog & Joy-Stick

To promote simplicity even further, the DV-S6D comes with a Remote Controller having a 'Jog & Joy-Stick' that allows control of the actual frame of the disc being watched. All commands can be easily controlled by a simple "fiddle" on the knob forward or in reverse to advance the picture, slow it down, reverse or stop it completely. As an added convenience, all keys related to this feature are laid out in logical order, and are lighted-up automatically when the remote controller is in use.

5 ) Others

  • Acoustic Damper Tray
  • Double-Layered Chassis
  • FL Dimmer

< Main Features for DV-525 >

1 ) Video Noise Reduction

The DV-525 has a built-in 'Video Noise Reduction' circuit. The circuit will remove the noise that gives the picture flickers and rough edges. The circuit can be turned on or off at the users will, to fit the atmosphere and video mode (normal, cinema, animation) that he or she chooses.

< Common Features for Both Models >

1 ) 10bit High Accuracy NTSC Encoder & 10bit Video DAC IC

The 10-bit/27MHz Video Processor located on the Pioneer AV1 Chip incorporated converts the 8-bit/13.5Mhz signal into 10-bit/27Mhz data, restoring clarity of coloration and resolution levels near identical to those of the original source material. Both players then use the AV1's internal NTSC Video Encoder and 10-bit DAC (Digital to Analog) converters to translate the data into an equivalent analog signal.
The NTSC Encoder and Video DAC IC will provide a consistent D/A conversion process of 10bit video data into equivalent analog signals to result in a high picture quality.

2 ) Hi-Precision Twin-Wave Focus Pickup

The 'Twin-Wave Focus Pickup' with two different laser diodes (DVD; 650nm, CD/Video & CD; 780nm), automatically switches laser wavelength for an optimal reproduction of media at all times. The DV-S6 can also playback CD-Rs.

3 ) New GUI "Setup Navigator"

A new GUI (Graphic User Interface) feature, the 'Set-up Navigator' (only DV-S6D) will provide a new level of simplicity to setting up a DVD player for first time use. By selecting 'Set-up Navigator' from the main menu, the navigator will ask five basic questions about your home theater, such as: "What type of TV do you have? "16x9 or 4:3?" and "Does your audio system contain a Dolby Digital decoder?" Once the questions are answered, the home theater system will be customized to be an ideal home theater.

4 ) Auto-Program Play & Program Memory

The 'Auto-Program Play Memory' and 'Program Memory' functions will allow the user a convenience in playback. Once a certain disc is programmed to play tracks at a preferable order, the player will store that program and automatically playback by only inserting the disc. The players can store up to 24 discs.

5 ) Resume Function

The Resume Function will allow automatic-playback from the point the user stopped viewing, even after the player is once turned off. By only turning the player on and simply pressing the play button, the software will automatically playback from the point he or she left off.

6 ) Newly Developed Quick-Start Function

By improving the program software algorithm, Pioneer has succeeded in shortening the time of 'playback start' and 'search', up to 50%. The quicker response will keep the user at ease.

7 ) Others

  • Digital Audio Output Switching
  • Automatic 96kHz/48kHz Output Switching
  • Transfer Rate Indication
  • Condition Memory & Replay Memory
  • Frame and Field Step Play
  • Component Video Output Terminal
  • AV1 Chip MPEG Decoder
  • 96kHz/24-bit D/A Converter
  • DTS (Digital Theater System) Digital Audio Output Terminal
  • Digital Accurate Servo for a stable playback
  • Viter-Bi Decoding Circuit

< Main Specifications >

Playback DiscsDVD-video/VideoCD/CD/CD-R/*CDV
Component Video Output
   (Y, PB, PR)
1 (gold plated)1
S-Video Output2 (gold plated)1
Video Output2 (gold plated)1
 Coaxial Digital Output1 (gold plated)1
 Optical Digital Output11
Audio Output2(gold plated)1
Pioneer SR Terminalin/outin
5.1ch Surround Output1 set (gold plated,
2 x front, 2 x rear,
center, sub-woofer)
•Video FeaturesHorizontal Resolution over 500 lines
•Digital Audio Features
Frequency ResponseCD     4Hz-20kHz
DVD   48kHz16bit : 4Hz-22kHz
         96kHz16bit,20bit,24bit : 4Hz-44kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio115dB
Dynamic Range106dB103dB
Total Harmonic Distortion0.0018%0.002%
(W x H x D) mm
Power Consumption
(at Stand-by)
16W(under 1W)10W(under 1W)
* CDV: only audio part playback

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