News Release:Pioneer Introduces Its New Portable DVD Player Line-up

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May 17, 1999
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Introduces Its New Portable DVD Player Line-up

TOKYO, Japan, May 17, 1999 ----- Pioneer Electronic Corporation announced its introduction of the new portable DVD player line-up, to the Japanese domestic market. The line-up consists of two portable DVD players and optional accessory kits.



ProductModel No.S.R.P.Launch DateMonthly
Portable DVD Player
(w/LCD Display)
PDV-LC10¥155,000Late June5,000pcs
Portable DVD PlayerPDV-10¥68,000Late June5,000pcs
Accessory KitPDV-KT10¥22,000Late June2,500pcs
Accessory Kit
(w/TV tuner)
PDV-KTV10¥35,000Late June15,000pcs
Battery PackPDV-BT10¥10,000Late June1,000pcs
Car Connecting KitPDV-CK10Not fixedNot fixedNot fixed

The "PDV-LC10" has a surprisingly small size for easy carrying, and is equipped with a LCD display so the user can enjoy viewing anywhere.
Having the same size of a tall-type DVD software jacket, and a height of only 28mm, DVD viewing can be enjoyed wherever the user pleases to. This super thin design was realized due to the newly developed 6.4 mm thin 'Twin-Wave Laser Pickup' that automatically detects which type of disc that's loaded (laser diode; DVD: 650nm, CD: 780nm), and 7.3mm thin 'Traverse Mechanism' that smoothly transfers the laser pick-up to the best reading point.
The built-in 7-inch wide-screen (16:9 aspect ratio) TFT-type LCD display, which is the largest found in the portable DVD product market, will allow users to enjoy an exciting picture. Being AG (Anti-Glare) and AR (Anti-Reflection) coated, the display will maintain its high visibility even though when exposed to extraneous light.
With Pioneer's state-of-the-art technologies, the PDV-LC10 can reproduce the full specifications the DVD-Video format can provide. Such as, 'DTS' and 'Dolby Digital' ready audio/video digital outputs, and '96kHz/24bit DA Converter' for a dynamic hi-quality sound. The '10bit DA Converter' that requantizes the original 8bit/13.5MHz video signals into a 10bit/27MHz signal for more accurate processing. 'Legato Link Conversion' that restores the rich harmonics and overtones (over 20kHz) that was lost in the CD digital recording process. And of course, audio can be heard from the tiny but mighty built-in speakers on both sides of the LCD display, or through a set of headphones.
Operations can be easily made with a number of user-friendly functions. The new 'GUI (Graphic User Interface)" on-screen displays simplify control of a versatile range of operations. 'Program Memory Function' will provide automatic playback of the contents in order as it was once programmed whenever the same disc is loaded. 'Reversible Display Function' will reverse images shown on the display for easy viewing to somebody in front of the user with a simple touch of a button, and will come in handy when giving business presentations. The display can also be opened to full flat 180 degrees. The easy-to-operate card-type remote control (36 keys) will allow operation from a distance.
The LC10 can be powered by either AC adapter (100V to 240V ready) or optional 'Battery Pack', which provides a full 3.5 hour playback. By adopting the optional 'Accessory Kit (w/TV tuner)' one can expand the usage from not only DVD viewing but also television broadcast viewing, and the 'Car Kit' will enable usage on an in-car basis. To further the audio/video clarity, the LC10 is equipped with a variety of digital/analog audio/video outputs. It's also equipped with audio/video inputs for when one wants to project an external video source onto the LCD display.

The "PDV-10" has the same functions and features as the PDV-LC10, but has no LCD display. At the same surface size of the LC10, it has an ultra-thin 18mm height, weighing only 370g (exc. battery). With this compact size, the player can be carried easily to any room or place that has a display.
By connecting the PDV-10 and Olympus' "Eye-Trek*" Face-Mount Display (model: FMD-100, FMD-150W), one can enjoy DVD software anywhere anytime he or she likes. Eye-Trek will reproduce a large display equal to a 62-inch screen right in front of your eyes.

* "Eye-Trek" is a trademark of Olympus Optical Co. Ltd.

< Specifications >

Power RequirementsDC 9V (AC100V to 240V 50/60Hz) or nickel hydrogen battery pack
Power Consumption18W (at 100V), 0.8W at standby6W (at 100V), 0.8W at standby
Playback DiscsDVD-Video/Video CD/audio CD/CD-V/CD-R
Weight690g (exc. Battery)370g (exc. battery)
Dimensions190(W)x28(H)x142(D) mm190(W)x18(H)x142(D) mm
Display7.0 inch a-Si TFT LCD----
Color SystemNTSC
S-Video Outputs1: 3-way mini jack
Y output level: 1Vp-p (at 75Ω)
C output level: 286mVp-p (at 75Ω)
Audio/Video Inputs/Outputs1 audio/video input/output (convertible): 4-way mini jack
audio input/output level: 1Vp-p (at 75Ω)
video input/output level: 1.5Vrms(1kHz, 0dB)
Digital Audio Outputsoptical digital output terminal: mini optical connector
(also acts as headphone terminal)
Audio Output CharacteristicsDVD (linear audio):
   4Hz to 22kHz (48kHz sampling rate)
   4Hz to 44kHz (96kHz sampling rate)
   4Hz to 20kHz (EIAJ)
Permissible Temperature5 to 35 degrees C (when playing)
Permissible Humidity Level5 to 85%
Remote Controllerwireless card-type

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