News Release:Pioneer Introduces New AIR NAVI Portable Car Navigation System with Communications Module Support in Japan

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May 7, 2009
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Introduces New AIR NAVI Portable Car Navigation System with Communications Module Support in JapanThe first car navigation system equipped with the "Widget" function displays dynamic information content directly on the map screen via dedicated icons



May 7, 2009, Tokyo, Japan - Pioneer Corporation announced today the Air Navi AVIC-T20, a portable car navigation system that supports a communications module, which allows users to easily enjoy a wealth of useful driving information contents provided by communications services both prior to and during drive, for the Japanese market. Pioneer plans to launch the new Air Navi AVIC-T20 in late June, 2009 with no retail price suggested.

As well as boasting improved basic performance over its acclaimed predecessor as a portable car navigation device, the AVIC-T20 offers a wealth of functions, including easier access to and use of information services with the "Widget" function, which is the first in car navigation system*1. This feature allows users to view dynamic information-service content directly on the navigation screen by selecting from dedicated Widget icons on the map screen.

The release of the new Air Navi will boost potential demand for car navigation systems through easy access to and use of a wealth of content provided by communications services, as well as promising to further expand the telematics market.

Main features:

1 ) "Widget" function, the first in car navigation system*1, for streamlined view of information service content

By touching individual Widget icons on the map screen, the user can pull up lists and relevant maps on the screen that provide detailed information and allow destinations to be easily input. (It is possible only with ignition off, except for the Weather Report Widget)

< Information services available via Widget icons >

  • "Saved Spot": (provided by Naviportal Corporation*2)
    Information on places of interest that has already been saved in the Navi Folder is displayed with the nearest location first
  • "Gasoline Price Information":
    Gasoline prices at nearby gas stations are displayed with the lowest price first.
  • "Vicinity Recommended Information (in order of user ratings)": (provided by Naviportal)
    Nearby popular restaurants or spots are displayed in order of user ratings (nearer restaurant or spot first when the score is the same).
  • "Vicinity Recommended Information (restaurants that offer discount coupons)": (provided by Naviportal)
    Spots or restaurants that offer discount coupons are displayed with the nearest first.
  • "TV Spotlights!": (provided by Naviportal)
    Nearby places of interest that have been introduced on TV programs are selected with the most recently introduced first, and the results are listed on the navigation screen side map with the nearest location first.
  • "Local Event Information": (provided by Navipotal)
    Events being held nearby are displayed with the nearest first.
  • "Weather Report": (provided by Naviportal)
    The day's weather forecast data with probability of precipitation at the current location is displayed on the screen. Touching the icon brings up the weather report screen.

The above services are available when a dedicated communications module is used with the AVIC-T20.*3

2 ) Improved screen display and basic operation

  • The new Air Navi navigation system is equipped with a 5.8-inch wide VGA monitor and a wealth of audiovisual functions including one-segment terrestrial digital TV tuner.
  • The map data design has been improved in clarity and visibility through reviewing map screen background, number of map notes, etc.
  • Response times and listing speeds for information services, especially Gasoline Price Information, have been reduced to improve basic operation.

3 ) Suction-typed monitor-mounting stand for one-touch and cool installation

  • Suction-typed monitor-mounting stand facilitates easy installation of the monitor. Its stylish design blends well with in-car decor.
  • In-car cigarette lighter socket for power source and detachable function for easy portability


*1 According to Pioneer survey, as of May 7, 2009.
*2 Naviportal Corporation is a joint venture of Softbank Telecom Corporation, Pioneer Corporation, and Increment P Corporation for R&D and providing the telematics services.
*3 Requires communications service contract with Pioneer Mobile Networks Corporation following purchase of the AVIC-T20.

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