News Release:Pioneer Introduces New Flash-based In-Dash Navigation Systems into Overseas Consumer Markets

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June 29, 2009
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Introduces New Flash-based In-Dash Navigation Systems into Overseas Consumer Markets




June29, 2009, Tokyo, Japan - Pioneer Corporation announced today the launch of new in-dash navigation systems, including the AVIC-U310BT, AVIC-F310BT, AVIC-Z110BT, and AVIC-F10BT that feature Pioneer-original new compact map database format "L-FORMAT", in the consumer markets for North America, Europe, Russia, and Australia during the several months beginning in June 2009.

All the new in-dash car navigation systems employ built-in flash memory as a map data storage medium, with each model offering its distinctive features such as the newly-developed "L-FORMAT", innovative user interface, and expanded web linkage functions (FEEDS*1). Pioneer will proactively promote these new models in the global markets.

In recent years, personal navigation devices have enjoyed explosive popularity in overseas consumer markets. This has increased the public recognition of navigation systems, but at the same time it has also caused a rapid lowering of navigation system prices. Given these circumstances, Pioneer has focused on developing a new in-dash navigation market by introducing the AVIC-D3 multi-functional model in the popular-price range (US$1,000) in 2007, and has continued to lead the market since then.

In 2009, Pioneer is releasing models of a more affordable price (US$600) to respond to shift in market demand toward smaller vehicles in the North American, European and Australian markets. This will develop new demands and stimulate the replacement purchases from personal navigation devices, so as to promote the fully-fledged dissemination and expansion of in-dash car navigation systems.

Plus, the new lineup offers the flagship models equipped with an innovative user interface as the industry's highest standard in terms of functionality and performance, as well as mid-priced models with upgraded functionality and performance over previous Pioneer corresponding models.

< New lineup >

  • Affordable-price models:
    AVIC-U310 (North America) and AVIC-F310BT (Europe and Australia)
  • Flagship models:
    AVIC-Z110BT (North America) and AVIC-F10BT (Europe, Russia and Australia)
  • Mid-priced models:AVIC-X910BT and AVIC-X710BT (North America), AVIC-F910BT (Europe and Australia), and AVIC-F710BT (Europe)

< Main features >

1 ) Newly-developed "L-FORMAT" navigation map database format (for the flagship and affordable models)

The flagship models and affordable-price models feature a new compact map database format "L-FORMAT" to respond to the growing use of flash memory as a memory medium. The L-FORMAT allows the North American map data to be compressed to less than one tenth (1.4GB) the size achieved by the conventional format in the HDD-based models. This has enabled Pioneer to develop a popular-price integrated navigation system that adopts a built-in 2GB flash memory as its map data storage medium (AVIC-U310BT).

2 ) Innovative user interface (for the flagship models)

The flagship models supports the advanced voice recognition in seven languages (American English, Dutch, British English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish), and allows voice recognition to be used for not only hands-free calling and basic audio control, but address and business listing POI (point of interest) search as well. Furthermore, the next-generation user interface - "Customizable home screen menu" - allows the users to freely lay out shortcuts on the touch screen main menu, for quick and easy access to Audio/Video functions and other applications.

3 ) Expanded web linkage function (FEEDS)

Using Pioneer's proprietary FEEDS PC application, which allows users to export and import the data between their PCs and the navigation systems via SD card, the new systems feature a variety of convenient features:

  • The 2008 models first employed the "Send to GPS" function, which enables location data searched via the "Google Maps™" online map service to be imported into the navigation systems as POIs. For the 2009 lineup, it is also possible to trace driving logs (routes) in the "Google Maps™."
  • By utilizing GeoRSS*2, the users can convert spot information being distributed over the Internet into navigation-compatible POIs to use as custom destinations in the navigation systems.
  • To help drivers' eco-friendly driving, an advanced Drive Report provides the vehicle's estimated CO2 emissions, fuel consumption trend, a diagnosis of driving habits and suggestions to improve fuel efficiency, and so on, by using the driving records and gas mileage data to be exported from the navigation systems.

4 ) Other features

  • Detachable front panel (only for AVIC-U310BT and AVIC-F310BT)
  • Built-in Bluetooth® module (made by Parrot S.A. in France) enables cell phone hands-free operation.
*1 FEEDS: The function that allows data transfer between the navigation system and user's PC by using Pioneer proprietary PC software
*2 GeoRSS: Data format that enables locations data to be stored in RSS feed
* Google Maps is a trademark of Google Inc.
* The Bluetooth word mark and logo are registered trademarks and are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

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