News Release:Pioneer Releases Car Audio Package for a Limited Time in the Overseas Markets to Commemorate the 80th Anniversary of its Foundation

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January 9, 2018
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Releases Car Audio Package for a Limited Time in the Overseas Markets to Commemorate the 80th Anniversary of its Foundation

Pioneer Corporation marked the 80th anniversary of its foundation on January 1, 2018. Pioneer was established in 1938 as a speaker company and has continually developed products with the simple goal of providing superior sound. Based on the corporate philosophy of “Move the Heart and Touch the Soul,” which expresses the spirit of the founder, Nozomu Matsumoto. the company has launched countless first-of-their-kind products and services around the world while upholding its pioneer spirit as an unwavering principle, as its name suggests.
80th anniversary website

Commemorating the 80th anniversary of its foundation, Pioneer will release the DXT-P99RS-80 high-end car audio package model for a limited time in the markets outside of Japan.

Contents of DXT-P99RS-80 set

Product name Model No. No. of sets
CD/USB/Tuner main unit DEX-P99RS 1 unit
250 W×2 Bridgeable power amplifier PRS-D800 3 units
6.5” separate 2-way speaker TS-Z65CH 1 pair
10” Subwoofer TS-Z10LS4 1 unit

This product will be exhibited at CES 2018, the world’s largest consumer electronics trade shows being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States from Tuesday, January 9 to Friday, January 12, 2018.

Main features of DEX-P99RS (main unit)

(1) Advanced, graceful design with an aluminum plate in ROSE GOLD

The panel is decorated with an aluminum plate in ROSE GOLD, which is the exclusive color for the Anniversary Model. The plate is marked with the words “80th Anniversary Model.” The color expresses a brightness that has both precision, intelligence and illuminates Pioneer’s past and future.

(2) High-quality sound design taking advantage of the expertise of carrozzeria X※1

The model adopts high-quality sound parts including the floating point 32-bit high-precision arithmetic processing DSP, utilizing the expertise accumulated in the development of carrozzeria X※1, which is Pioneer’s high-end car audio. It also features adjusting functions, such as auto time alignment and auto equalizer (2 ch), creating an optimum acoustic space and reproducing high-quality sound that is close to the original sound.

  • *1 High-end Car audio brand only for Japanese market.

Main features of PRS-D800 (power amplifier)

(1) Graceful design

The PRS-D800 features a graceful, sophisticated design with slit lines on the top hairline-finish aluminum plate. The plate has the words “80th Anniversary Model” silk-printed with ink in ROSE GOLD.

(2) Supporting various reproduction systems

The model supports a wide range of reproduction systems including a system to drive the left and right speakers with a stereo amplifier and the left and right fully independent multiple amplifier and multiple speaker system that drives the left and right speaker units for high, medium and low frequencies with a monaural amplifier.

Main features of TS-Z65CH (separate speaker)

The badge marked with Pioneer logo is limited version with gold on the rim. In addition to gold-plated plugs, The TS-Z65CH uses the “Open & Smooth” concept※2, which has been built by the upper models, achieving high-bandwidth reproduction beyond the audible range, expanding the dynamic range and the reproduction of high-quality swinging sound through low distortion.

  • *2 Sound concept based on wide directional characteristics due to low crossover and low distortion in the entire range. “Open” represents its staging and sound characteristics that enhance the widening effect, which extends way beyond the space between the speakers, while “Smooth” represents the smooth transitions between the woofer and the tweeter.

Main features of TS-Z10LS4 (subwoofer)

The subwoofer features gold-plated plug, creating a premium feel to commemorate the 80th anniversary. While achieving the high response and reproduction of liner deep bass through the adoption of the large magnetic circuit, it uses aramid fibers for the diaphragm to achieve bass reproduction with smooth and accurate transition.

Main specifications of 「DEX-P99RS」

■Audio component
L/R Independent 31-Band Digital Equalizer <Frequency>20 Hz~20,000 Hz、1/3 oct.
<Span of adjustable range>±12 dB(0.5 dB)
Loudness(Volume:-30 dB) 10 dB(100 Hz)、6.5 dB(10 kHz)
Maximum power level of preout 5.0 V/100 Ω
Crossover Network 4-way Network (High/Mid/Low/Sub)
■CD player component
MP3 decoding formats MPEG-1& 2 AUDIO LAYER-3
WMA decoding formats Ver.7、7.1、8、9、10、11(2 ch AUDIO)(Windows Media Player)
WAV signal formats Linear-PCM、MS ADPCM
AAC decoding formats MPEG-4 AAC (Only files encoded using iTunes)
■USB component
USB Standard USB2.0 Full Speed
File systems FAT16、FAT32
MP3 decoding formats MPEG-1、2 AUDIO LAYER-3
WMA decoding formats Ver.7、7.1、8、9、10、11(2 ch audio)(Windows Media Player)
WAV signal formats Linear-PCM、MS ADPCM
AAC decoding formats MPEG-4 AAC (Only files encoded using iTunes Ver.7.7 or earlier versions)
■Common components
Display Full Dot OEL display
Dimensions 178 mm(W)×50 mm(H)×164 mm(D)
Weight 1.5 kg

Main specifications of 「PRS-D800」

Number of channels 2 ch
Wattage RMS 125 W × 2(4 Ω)/150 W × 2(2 Ω)/300 W × 1(4 Ω)
Maximum output 250 W × 2(4 Ω)/600 W × 1(4 Ω)
Total Harmonic Distortion (4 W、1 kHz) 0.004 %
SN Ratio 105 dB
Frequency Responce 10 Hz~30,000 Hz(+0 dB、-3 dB)
Electric power consumption 23 A
Load Impedance Allowance 4 Ω(2 Ω~8 Ω)
input level 400 mV~6.5 V
Dimensions 255 mm × 50 mm × 104 mm
Wight 1.6 kg

Main specifications of 「TS-Z65CH」「TS-Z10LS4」

  TS-Z65CH TS-Z10LS4
System Component 6.5” Twaron® aramid fiber + cellulose fiber dual layer cone woofer

29 mm aluminum alloy dome tweeter
10” Twaron® aramid fiber + cellulose fiber dual layer cone subwoofer
Maximum Peak Power Handling 330 W 1,300 W
Continuous Power Handling (RMS) 110 W 400 W
Frequency range 30 Hz ~ 96,000 Hz 20 Hz ~ 3,800 Hz
Sound pressure level (Sensitivity) 85 dB 74 dB (±1.5 dB)
Impedance 4 Ω 4 Ω
Crossover Frequency 2,000 Hz ---

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