News Release:Pioneer Releases 80th Anniversary Model of Cyber Navi X Series of High-end Audio and Car Navigation Systems in Limited Numbers to Commemorate the 80th Anniversary of its Foundation

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April 18, 2018
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Releases 80th Anniversary Model of Cyber Navi X Series of High-end Audio and Car Navigation Systems in Limited Numbers to Commemorate the 80th Anniversary of its Foundation


Pioneer Corporation marked the 80th anniversary of its foundation on January 1, 2018. Pioneer was established in 1938 as a speaker company and has continually developed products with the simple goal of providing superior sound. Based on the corporate philosophy of “Move the Heart and Touch the Soul,” which expresses the spirit of the founder, Nozomu Matsumoto, the company has launched countless first-of-their-kind products and services around the world while upholding its pioneer spirit as an unwavering principle, as its name suggests.

80th anniversary web site

Commemorating the 80th anniversary of its foundation, Pioneer Corporation will release limited numbers of 80 units for Japanese market. This specially packaged AVIC-CZ902XS-80 features the newly introduced Cyber Navi X Series AVIC- CZ902XS*1 along with exclusive goods and special benefits.

Product Model Recommended retail price(Without tax) Release Date
■ 2D main unit type
7” wide screen VGA terrestrial digital TV/DVD-V/CD/
Bluetooth/USB/SD/tuner, DSP AV all-in-one memory navigation.
AVIC-CZ902XS-80 248,000 yen Late May

80th Anniversary Model AVIC-CZ902XS-80 Package Contents

  • Cyber Navi X Series AVIC- CZ902XS
  • Serial number plate
  • Carrozzeria original designed manual case
  • One-year usage rights for a RecoChoku*2 BEST Light Plan
  • RecoChoku prepaid card worth 10,000 yen
  • Dedicated ND-DC2 data transfer communications module
  • Three-year warranty certificate
  • AD-FL702 car navigation screen protector film
  • Original designed opening image (SD memory card)
*1 The Cyber Navi X Series AVIC-CZ902XS
The AVIC-CZ902XS, which will be introduced this year, represents a high-end audio and car navigation system that combines all the audio expertise Pioneer has accumulated to date with high-quality sound components of the highest grade. This model comes with the same navigation and AV features as the Cyber Navi AVIC-CZ902 (2018 model). For more detail, please click at web site
Click here
*2 RecoChoku Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company that operates a music streaming service "RecoChoku".

Main Features

(1) Graceful design in ROSE GOLD, the unique color for the 80th Anniversary Models

For the main unit, the central hard keys (NAVI / AV / HOME) and the rotary portion of the smart commander adopt a dignified design with a deposition treated ROSE GOLD color which represents the Pioneer 80th anniversary models. We regard the ROSE GOLD as the color expressing precision and intelligence and a brightness which illuminates Pioneer’s past and future.

(2) Special package for the limited numbers of 80 units

This model is limited numbers of just 80 units that features Cyber Navi X Series AVIC- CZ902XS models bearing serial numbers 1 to 80, and includes exclusive goods and special benefits. These contents are delivered packed in a special 80th anniversary commemorative box that Pioneer’s craftsmen have carefully embossed by hand using leather-style processed paper and blue colored card.

【special 80th anniversary commemorative box】

■ Includes exclusive goods to Commemorate Pioneer’s 80th Anniversary

The model comes with exclusive goods to commemorate Pioneer’s 80th anniversary, including a plate bearing the serial number made from high-grade stainless, and a Carrozzeria manual case for storing the instruction manual and other items.

■ Benefits for Enjoying Music

A one-year subscription to the RecoChoku BEST Light Plan for the “Music Cruise Channel” that will let you enjoy channels made up of more than 7.5 million songs to suit location and time of day you drive, and a RecoChoku prepaid card worth 10,000 yen that will let you purchase your favorite songs is included.

■ Includes Dedicated ND-DC2 Data Transfer Communications Module

As the package includes the dedicated ND-DC2 data transfer communications module, you will be able to use various Cyber Navi communications features free of charge for up to three years.

■ Benefits for Long-term Use

In addition to a three-year warranty that lets you use the system for a long time, the package also comes with the AD-FL702 car navigation screen protector film, which protects the display while suppressing reflections.

■ Opening Image Exclusive to the Anniversary Model

For each unit, Pioneer has prepared a exclusive opening image with the unique serial number of each unit for exclusivity.


80 units of the model will be put on sale on Pioneer’s Carrozzeria e-shop.

Carrozzeria e-shop

* We will begin taking orders from 10:00 am on May 23, 2018, Japan time.

Check the following website for details about the 80th Anniversary Commemorative Model.

Click here

* Pioneer recommends displaying the Hi-Res Audio logo on products compliant with the definition of high-resolution audio established by the Japan Audio Society. The Hi-Res Audio logo is a registered trademark.
* Any other companies and product names described herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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