News Release: Pioneer Releases the Piomatix LBS API Suite, Created on its Proprietary Mobility AI Platform

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November 16, 2022
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Releases the Piomatix LBS API Suite, Created on its Proprietary Mobility AI Platform- Sophisticated vehicle-routing technologies support DX solutions for logistics and taxi-dispatching operations -

Pioneer Corporation today announced the release of the Piomatix LBS* API Suite, which is based on Pioneer's proprietary mobility AI platform Piomatix and supports DX solutions for logistics and taxi-dispatching operations by optimizing travelling routes of commercial vehicles.

*LBS: Location based service

Pioneer has filed a large number of patents for vehicle-routing technologies gained through years of experiences in developing industry-leading car navigation systems. These include more than 80 patents for route-searching technologies to optimize vehicle routing by taking into account both static and dynamic factors—such as road conditions (types and topographies of roads and crossings, road widths, the number of traffic lights on the way) and driving conditions (the severity of congestion, weather, and the time of day)—that may affect vehicle travelling distances and time.

The Piomatix LBS API Suite combines Pioneer's sophisticated vehicle-routing technologies and location-based services and is available through Web APIs. At the time of release, the Suite offers the following three APIs:

  1. Route-Searching API:
    Calculate an optimal travelling route from a starting point to a destination
  2. Multiple-Stop Optimization API:
    Optimize a travelling route with up to 200 stops
  3. Route Matrix API:
    Calculate with remarkable accuracy travelling distances and time between multiple points

This API Suite enables trucking and taxi companies to carry out better-organized fleet management to achieve greater on-time service performance and offer improved customer services. In addition, we offer an upgraded Professional Service as an option, in which our routing specialists use a wider variety of parameters to provide customized optimal travelling routes. These parameters include vehicle and travelling restrictions specific to each type of commercial operations, which are not available in conventional routing API services.

The trucking industry is facing a pressing challenge of implementing DX solutions to meet surging demand for last-mile deliveries amid chronic driver shortages, as well as eventual overtime restrictions to be imposed on truck drivers in 2024. Furthermore, under the Japanese government's national initiative to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, businesses across industries are increasingly mandated to disclose information about their climate-change actions and sustainability initiatives, including actions to reduce CO2 emissions in their operations.

Pioneer intends to offer the Piomatix LBS API Suite to providers of diverse mobility services—such as door-to-door package delivery, food delivery, taxi-dispatching, and door-to-door passenger transport services—to help them achieve greater operational efficiency and on-time service performance and deliver greater customer satisfaction.
We also intend to expand our API services for helping reduce CO2 emissions in the transportation and trucking industries by offering a solution for visualizing and reducing vehicle CO2 emissions, as well as a solution for EVs, both of which are based on Piomatix for Green, our proprietary cloud-based platform for assisting businesses in their energy-saving efforts to achieve carbon neutrality.

To learn more about Pioneer's mobility AI platform Piomatix, visit

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Overview of the Piomatix LBS API Suite

As of November 2022, the Piomatix API Suite offers the following three APIs and will add more down the road:

Key Advantages

  1. Proprietary vehicle-routing technologies optimized to real-world road conditions and restrictions in Japan
    Pioneer owns more than 80 patents for route-searching technologies, which makes it easy to search for optimal travelling routes by taking into account a variety of factors, including the frequency of having to make right or left turns on the way, the avoidance of having to make U-turns, the ease of pulling vehicles over at the roadside, and travel restrictions on large vehicles.
  2. 97.2% accuracy* in predicting arrival time
    This service provides optimized travelling routes that bypass congested roads, based on the combination of nationwide traffic congestion information provided by the VICS (Vehicle Information and Communication System) and Pioneer's proprietary probe information. In addition, the service provides with 97.2% accuracy the predicted time of arrival at destinations by taking into account even the number of traffic lights on the route and the total predicted time of stops at red lights.
    *  Obtained when an option to consider traffic information is chosen, which was derived from internal assessments based on probe data gained from 38,000 trips
  3. Upgraded Professional Service available as an option
    In the optional Professional Service, Pioneer's routing specialists use more than 100 parameters to provide customized optimal travelling routes. Parameters include types of commercial vehicles, types of businesses, geographic areas to be covered, and other restrictions specific to commercial operations.

For inquiries about this service, fill in the form provided at:

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Supplemental information

Pioneer press release dated July 11, 2022, regarding a CO2 reduction initiative:
“Helping to Achieve Carbon Neutrality with Technologies to Estimate and Predict Fuel Economy and Electricity Mileages of Vehicles”
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