News Release:Pioneer Display Audio Factory-Installed in the Toyota Yaris Cross Marketed in Indonesia

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July 19, 2023
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Display Audio Factory-Installed in the Toyota Yaris Cross Marketed in Indonesia

Pioneer has been supplying P.T. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia with its Display Audio units to be factory-installed in all hybrid variants and the S gasoline version of the new Toyota Yaris Cross, which debuted in Indonesia in May 2023.

The Pioneer Display Audio is equipped with a large 10.1-inch screen and compatible with wireless connectivity available in Apple CarPlay* and Android Auto™*, enabling on-screen operations of apps installed on smartphones. The Display Audio also enables voice-activated control of audio playback and setting up of Bluetooth® connectivity with smartphones. Moreover, control of some of in-car equipment, such as air conditioners and ambient lighting, is possible via voice command on the Display Audio to provide safer and more comfortable operations behind the wheel.

About Pioneer Display Audio

The Yaris Cross is the first Toyota vehicle sold in Indonesia to feature a 10.1-inch screen on Pioneer Display Audio. Its wireless connectivity works for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™ and enables on-screen operations of apps installed on smartphones without the need of cables. The Display Audio enables the driver and passengers to listen to the radio, to play back music and video content stored in USB flash drives and Bluetooth®-connected smartphones, and to place and receive calls hands-free. The screen of the Display Audio doubles as a compass, clinometer, and altimeter, as well as a display for vehicle information such as energy efficiency and distance to empty.

Vehicle information shown
on the screen (concept)

The Display Audio installed on the Toyota Yaris Cross marketed in Indonesia is the first of its kind outside Japan to feature a voice-activated command system. The system works for several languages, including English and Indonesian. Playing back audio content, turning on and off the air conditioner and controlling its temperature, and switching on and off ambient lighting and controlling its color can be performed via voice.

Vehicle information shown on the screen (concept)
* For information about compatible vehicle models and OS, visit the following websites:
Apple CarPlay
Android Auto™


* Apple CarPlay is a trademark of Apple Inc.
* Android Auto is a trademark of Google LLC.
* Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

Automobile photographs used by permission of PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia. All rights reserved.

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