News Release:Pioneer Premium Sound System to Be Factory-Installed in 2024 LEXUS GX SUVs

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March 25, 2024
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Premium Sound System to Be Factory-Installed
in 2024 LEXUS GX SUVs- Pioneer recognized by Toyota Motor as an innovative supplier -

Pioneer Corporation today announced that its Premium Sound System is to be factory-installed in the all new LEXUS GX SUVs, scheduled for launch in Japan in 2024. We are also pleased to announce that we have received a Special Chief Engineer (CE) Award from Toyota Motor Corporation for designing and developing a technologically advanced premium sound system for the LEXUS GX to enhance its value propositions.

The Premium Sound System designed for the LEXUS GX is the culmination of Pioneer’s years of expertise in in-vehicle sound solutions and features speaker units refined with the technology originally developed for our TAD*-branded high-end professional and home speakers. For instance, the lightweight and space-saving subwoofer fits into a tight enclosure space inside the vehicle and yet delivers powerful bass consistently to add sophistication to an in-vehicle acoustic experience. Toyota Motor Corporation has recognized our relentless effort to bring the quality of a sound system up to the level expected of the GX, as well as our engineering innovation in making the subwoofer fit into a tight space inside the vehicle, and awarded us a Special CE Award. This is the fourth Toyota award granted to our sound systems, after the Special CE Award for LEXUS ES Project in 2019.

*High-end audio brand marketed by Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Pioneer Corporation. Since their debuting in the United States in 1978, TAD-branded speaker units and systems have been critically acclaimed by professional sound engineers and audiophiles around the globe.

About Pioneer Premium Sound System designed for the 2024 LEXUS GX

The Premium Sound System, composed of 10 speaker units and an 8-channel class-D amplifier, achieves well-defined sound-image localization and reproduces music in outstanding quality and clarity under any environment. It is capable of delivering adrenaline-pumping bass expected of a hardcore off-road SUV and recreating a sophisticated acoustic environment.

①Right/left ends of dashboard panel 9 cm CST Driver** × 2
②Center of dashboard panel 9 cm midrange × 1
③Inside right/left front doors 18 cm woofer × 2
④Inside right/left rear doors 16 cm full range × 2
⑤Inside liftgate 20 cm subwoofer × 1
⑥8-channel class-D amplifier   × 1
**Coherent Source Transducer Driver, originally developed for TAD-branded high-end speakers and featuring a concentrically mounted midrange and tweeter to achieve better directivity

【LEXUS GX ― Special Chief Engineer (CE) Award】

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