News Release:Pioneer's Stringent Quality Management Practices Recognized by Toyota Motor

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May 8, 2024
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer's Stringent Quality Management Practices Recognized by Toyota Motorfor contributing to improving the quality of Toyota and Lexus vehicles

Pioneer Corporation received an Outstanding Quality Management Award for 2023 from Toyota Motor Corporation for our stringent approach to improving the quality of products supplied to the automaker.

Every year, Toyota recognizes 10 of its more than 10,000 primary suppliers of auto components and parts for making continual efforts in Japan and abroad to improve the quality of their products supplied to the company and help improve the quality of Toyota and Lexus cars.

In manufacturing in-car products for Toyota, Pioneer front-loads product development by incorporating into our production process requirements specified by the automaker in the early phase of a vehicle development cycle, in which we participate. More specifically, we have innovated a stress-free production process for building quality and reliability into our products to meet Toyota’s requirements. Innovations include simplified form factors suitable for automated production, assembly-line robots, and AI-assisted automated inspection. These innovative approaches have resulted in an even higher product quality of our made-for-Toyota products, as evidenced by the fact that we have achieved zero process-induced defects in their manufacturing.

Certificate of commendation and trophy for Toyota Outstanding Quality Management Award 2023 granted to Pioneer

Naoto Takashima, Director and Senior Executive Officer of Pioneer Corporation, in charge of Mobility Products Company, said:
“We are deeply honored and humbled to have received this prestigious award from one of the largest automakers in the world. Buoyed by this encouragement, Pioneer intends to create “the Future of Mobility Experiences” by continuing to leverage our experience and expertise in developing and manufacturing high-quality products, as well as our accumulated technical and engineering prowess in sound and mobility solutions, including human-machine interface design.”

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