Conservation of pink dolphins in China

PHK (sales and production corporation in Hong kong)*1 is performing cleanup activities on "Lung Kwu Chau" which is one of the uninhabited islands located in area where wild pink dolphins (formal name: Sousa chinensis*2) live. In these waters, the level of pollution has increasingly become serious, threatening the life of the dolphins due to construction of a bridge to Macau and waste flowing from inland rivers in China.
Since 2011, PHK has observed wild dolphins to understand the ecology and has cleaned the island in this marine area for the purpose of improvement of the environment under the guidance of the environment preservation ecology association "Eco Association Limited."
In October 2014, a total of 25 persons including employees, their families and friends visited the island by boat and participated in cleanup activities. While traveling to the island, and explanation on regional pollution and the ecology of pink dolphins was given by an instructor of the environment preservation ecology association and participants learned the importance of ecology preservation.

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Sousa chinensis has been designated as a near-threatened species on the red list of threat to endangered species in the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN).

Pink dolphins

Scene of explanation on boat

Cleanup activities