Pioneer Forest

Forest maintenance activities carried out by employees

Activities in "Pioneer Forest"

In 2005, Pioneer concluded an agreement with the Saitama Prefectural Forestry Public Corporation to take over regular management of 2.4 hectares of cypress forest near Kamakita Lake, which we have named the "Pioneer Forest." The forest, which had originally been a dark forest that blocked out sunlight, has grown bright and leafy thanks to the work of Pioneer employees and their families volunteering regularly to prune and thin trees.
This activity was certified to be equivalent to a CO2 absorption amount of 9.0 tonnes- CO2 /year in 2016 by the Forest CO2 Absorption Certification Scheme of Saitama Prefecture.
In February 2016, Saitama Prefecture also became involved, and all three parties entered into the new Saitama Prefecture Forest Development Agreement. The agreement will enhance future activities for forest use including workshops for children to experience nature.
opportunity to educate our employees because, in addition to helping to absorb CO2, these tree protection activities ensure water resources and protect the ecosystem.

Saitama Prefecture forest carbon sequestration certificate

Tree thinning

Thinned forest