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Approach to Perceived Quality improvement

The Pioneer Group defines Perceived Quality as "Perceive the quality unconsciously". We strive to make a product that gives high performance to customers bring their first impression at shops and their daily use. We are offering consistent character concerning perfection and precision (vision), texture and operational feeling (touch), in addition to sound of mechanical parts (hearing). Furthermore we are enhancing the marketability of products through determining the concept, sharing target levels among members, and examining design. Additionally, we are reflecting customer’s voice and addressing the point which customers set as a high priority. Finally, we are refining our evaluation method constantly.

Process of "Perceived Quality" improvement

  1. Concept Evaluation Do we make the product what customers really want?
  2. Target Setting What are important points through customer's eye?
  3. Product Evaluation Do we arrive target levels that we decide?
  4. Market Evaluation Can we show our aim for customers?

Using this process, we had developed the products with improving "perceived quality", and those products were favorably received all over the world. We will continue to apply this process to much more products in the future.

1DIN Main Unit DEH-5300

With an evolved illuminated display, the 1DIN Main Unit DEH-5300 brings a new value of presence to the interior of the car.
It uses the "prism knob," the impression of which changes greatly depending on whether the illuminated display is turned ON or OFF.
Its knurled sides not only improves user operability, but also has an effect of dispersing the light of the illuminated display in an ever more enchanting way.


Imaging carrozzeria-made* AI embedded into the instrument panel, the AVIC-CE902 was manufactured with the idea of controlling the entire car from this device. With the silver border "eyelines" of the keys that gives an impression that the panel has a will of its own, a polygonal shape that seems to erode the interior of a conventional car, and a design with a geometric illuminated display interlaced in the interior of the car reminiscent of a sci-fi movie, the AVIC-CE902 expresses the innovative spirit of CYBER NAVI.
*For domestic Japanese models

Approach to Universal Design

Through our Universal Design activities, Pioneer will provide the products and services which are:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to understand
  • Fun to use
  • Comfortable to use
  • Secure and safe

The Pioneer Group understands the requirements of each customer, and we are aiming to make a product in which the feelings of our customers are "fun", "pleasant" and receive a "good impression". To share this emotion with even more customers, we are also striving to look beyond factors such as age, sex, nationality, and the physically challenged. Thus, we strive to make products which can be used comfortably by various kinds of customers.

A map that anyone can view easily

A car navigation map designed with the intention of making the map as easy to view as possible for everyone, even for people with cataract. When there are differences in the scale of the maps and changes in how the display looks between day and night even with bright color tones, information is still kept prioritized.

Digital map with ease of viewing even for users with cataracts

Alert of dangers when alighting the car

Organic electro-luminescence lighting alerts passengers to the conditions of the vehicles around them with moving lights, making alighting a car safe even in this era of automated driving.

Design of organic electro-luminescence lighting for cars from previous research (exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show)

Pioneer is affiliated with IAUD。


International Association for Universal Design (IAUD)
IAUD was settled in 2003 to promote and improve UD.

Approach to Usability (Ease of use)

The Pioneer Group regularly examines user tests to evaluate the adequateness of our products in our customer's daily use. First, we look for problems, then analyze causes, and finally, we take countermeasures. Regarding car navigation, we carry out installed tests in selected towns. In this way, we can extract factors which occur in various nations and districts, and solve any peculiar problems.

User tests

To improve our map visual clarity for customers to view easily and clearly while driving, we investigate the image and text factors of each map such as discrimination, visibility, priority for every age, sex, and visible features of customers. Here you can see a variety of car navigations that are reflected by these results.

Installed tests

By installing navigation systems into the car, we identify problems which are caused from room environments and traffic situations.

Group interviews

Customers discuss subjects in a relaxed atmosphere. At the same time, we can listen to any concerns and needs.

Home visits

By visiting customers at their homes, we can observe daily lifestyles, and thus, can analyze any problems with our appliances.

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