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Feb 13, 2001
Waseda University
Sharp Corporation
Pioneer Corporation

Waseda University, Sharp, and Pioneer Establish 1-bit Audio Consortium to Promote Next-Generation Audio Technology

On February 13, 2001, Waseda University, Sharp Corporation (head office: Osaka; President: Katsuhiko Machida), and Pioneer Corporation (head office: Tokyo; President: Kaneo Ito) established the 1-bit Audio Consortium with the aim of promoting next-generation audio technology.

Based on a proposal by Professor Yoshio Yamasaki, Global Information and Telecommunication Institute, Waseda University, research was carried out on high-speed 1-bit signal processing. This research led to the development of recording and playback technology that produces high quality and pure sound with limitless fidelity. This technology also serves as an ideal method for data transmission over networks. In addition, its high capacity to convert sound into signals helps save energy. Due to extremely low heat emission, smaller heat-release mechanisms can be used making more compact products possible. These elements make 1-bit audio the most promising technology to meet the needs of next-generation audio users.

Through its activities, this joint effort between industry and academia aims to increase recognition of 1-bit audio technology, contribute to advances in audio, and in the process benefit both music-related industries and consumers.
Located in the Pioneer headquarters, the consortium office will be jointly operated by Waseda University, Sharp, and Pioneer.
The supporting companies of the consortium will call for the participation of other companies wishing to manufacture and sell 1-bit audio products, and groups and individuals that wish to research, develop, and spread 1-bit technology. In addition, there are plans for regular research conferences where participants will announce the results of research and development efforts.

Outline of the 1-bit Audio Consortium


Chairperson: Professor Yoshio Yamasaki, Global Information and Telecommunication Institute, Waseda University
Co-chairperson: Magohiro Aramoto,Corporate Senior Executive Vice President,Sharp Corporation
Co-chairperson: Masao Sugimoto, Executive Corporate Engineering Adviser,Pioneer Corporation


  • Carry out dynamic study and research through exchanges.
  • Promote and spread the use of 1-bit audio products and related products.
  • Exchange information on 1-bit audio technologies and products.

Supporting companies

(The list is as of February 13, 2001 and consists of 23 companies including 2 universities. Names are listed in alphabetical order.)
Accuphase Laboratory, Inc.
Aiphone Co.,Ltd.
Chiba Institute of Technology
Clarion Co.,Ltd.
FPS Inc.
I.A.T. Inc.
Kenwood Corporation
Marantz Japan, Inc.
Niigata Seimitsu Co.,Ltd.
Nippon Columbia Co.,Ltd.
Nippon Denso Ind. Co., Ltd.
Nippon Precision Circuits Inc.
Pioneer Corporation
Sanyo Technosound Co.,Ltd.
Sharp Corporation
Sony Corporation
Teac Corporation
Timelord Ltd.
Toshiba Corporation
Victor Company Of Japan,Limited
Waseda University
Yamaha Corporation

Note: Besides the above institutions, Reiji Asakura (Digital Audio Reviewer), Yoshihiro Asanuma (Audio Reviewer), and Okihiko Sugano (Audio Reviewer) are expected to join as "special members" who support the activities of the organization. The 1-bit Audio Consortium welcomes groups and individuals from wide range of areas to join in.

< For individual or group inquiries about the activities of the Consortium or about participation in the Consortium >


Mr.Oikawa (+81-3-3200-2046), Acoustic Laboratory, Global Information and Telecommunication Institute, Waseda University
Mr. Masuda (+81-824-20-1615),
Engineering Department 2, Audio Systems Division,
Audio-Visual Systems Group, Sharp Corporation
Mr. Kato (+81-3-3495-9806),
Research and Development Group, Pioneer Corporation

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