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Mar 26, 2018
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Releases 80th Anniversary Model of Compact Bookshelf-type Speaker, “Micro Evolution One” of TAD, a High-end Audio Brand as Limited-Time Offer to Commemorate the 80th Anniversary of its Foundation

Pioneer Corporation marked the 80th anniversary of its foundation on January 1, 2018. Pioneer was established in 1938 as a speaker company and has continually developed products with the simple goal of providing superior sound. Based on the corporate philosophy of "Move the Heart and Touch the Soul," which expresses the spirit of the founder, Nozomu Matsumoto. Pioneer has launched countless world's first products and services around the world while upholding its pioneer spirit as an unwavering principle, as its name suggests.

80th anniversary web site

Commemorating the 80th anniversary of its foundation, Pioneer Corporation will release 80th Anniversary Model of compact bookshelf-type speaker system, "Micro Evolution One" developed by Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, Inc., in Japan and overseas as a limited-time offer. The company is Pioneer's wholly owned subsidiary that has built a solid position as a high-end audio brand.

80th Anniversary Model TAD Speaker Set

Product Name Recommended retail price
(exclusive of tax)
Release Date
80th ANNIVERSARY TAD SPEAKER SET 1,300,000 yen early May
* Speaker System: "TAD-ME1-80" (Black) × 2, Speaker Stand: "TAD-ST3-80" (Black, 1 pair per package) × 1

This model is based on "TAD-ME1", a compact bookshelf-type speaker system, "Micro Evolution One" of TAD, a high-end audio brand. Featuring a 9-cm CST*1 driver and Bi-Directional ADS*2 ports, it delivers accurate image localization with excellent sound field expression, and natural and rich bass reproduction. TAD's brand plates and speaker trim rings are decorated in ROSE GOLD, which is the exclusive color for the 80th Anniversary Model, while the nameplate on the back side of the speaker was printed with the words "80th Anniversary Model." The color expresses precision and intelligence and a brightness which illuminates Pioneer's past and future. The piano black finish on the enclosures is painstakingly hand-painted by skilled craftsmen.

About TAD

*1: Coherent Source Transducer
*2 ADS : Aero-Dynamic Slot

Main features

(1) Graceful design in ROSE GOLD, the exclusive color for the 80th Anniversary Model

The model features a graceful design with TAD's brand plate and speaker trim rings decorated in ROSE GOLD, which is the exclusive color for the 80th Anniversary Model, along with the nameplate on the back of the speaker featuring the words "80th Anniversary Model". Moreover, it adopts ultra-small baffles that minimize acoustic diffraction and an enclosure carefully hand-painted in piano black finish by skilled craftsmen, from the spraying of the coating material, polishing of the base paint, to the final polish. The 80th Anniversary Model speaker stand is also coated in piano black finish which is the same color with the enclosure.

【The speaker units and the nameplate on the back are decorated in ROSE GOLD,
the exclusive color for the 80th Anniversary Model】

(2) 9-cm CST driver achieving excellent stable sound localization and a natural sound field space

Featuring the compact 9-cm CST driver developed by TAD to reproduce natural sounds, it has pursued the point sound source concept. The mid-range and tweeter are arranged coaxially to homologize their directional characteristics and exclude acoustic disturbance. At the same time, the tweeter features a highly rigid, light-weight beryllium diaphragm. These properties deliver highly stable sound localization and natural sounds in a wide range, from 420 Hz to 60 kHz.

【The unit featuring 9-cm CST driver】

(3) 16-cm MACC*3 diaphragm woofer for improved linearity and optimized driving force

The 16-cm woofer adopts a MACC diaphragm with enhanced strength and low internal loss for ideal vibration characteristics, as well as a magnetic circuit with outstanding linear drive characteristics. This diaphragm is constructed of aramid fiber and nonwoven fabric separately formed then laminated, achieving rich bass tones with excellent linearity and clear mid-range tones free from coloration.

*3 MACC: Multi-layered Aramid Composite Cone

【The 16-cm woofer adopts a MACC diaphragm】

(4) Bi-Directional ADS Ports for natural and rich bass sound

With slit-shaped ports positioned on the enclosure's side panels with front and back openings and a flared-shaped section leading to the opening, the Bi-Directional ADS ports work smoothly and efficiently. The symmetrical front-back, left-right layout eliminates unnecessary sound from the port and the influence of internal standing waves, producing rich and powerful bass sound.

【Bi-Directional ADS ports reproducing natural and rich bass sound (image)】

Main specifications of TAD-ME1-80

Type 3-way, bass reflex, bookshelf type
Speaker Structure 3-way system
Woofer 16 cm cone type
Midrange/Tweeter coaxial 9 cm cone type / 2.5 cm dome type
Reproduction Frequency Band 36 Hz ~ 60 kHz
Crossover Frequency 420 Hz, 2.5 kHz
Output Sound Pressure Level 85 dB (2.83 V-1 m)
Maximum Input 150 W
Nominal Impedance 4 Ω
Unit Polarity Low range (+), middle range (+), high range (+)
External Dimensions 251 mm(W) × 411 mm(H) × 402 mm(D)
Weight 20 kg
Accessories short cable × 2, cleaning cloth, owner's manual, warranty, nonslip pad × 4

Main specifications of TAD-ST3-80 (1 pair per package)

Dimensions after assembly 376 mm(W) × 652 mm(H) × 460.2 mm(D)
Weight 16 kg (1 unit)
Accessories Accessory kit (for 2 units): spike (L) × 6, spike (S) × 6, spike shoe × 6, spike (for height adjustment) × 4, screw (for attaching base to struts M6) × 8, screw (for attaching top board to struts M6) × 8, screw (for attaching speaker M6) × 4, owner's manual

*This set does not include a speaker cable.

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